Save India's Railway Children from Abuse

Posted By: Railway Children India

Sector: Child Care and Nutrition

Target Amount: 50,000

Achieved Amount: 8,850

Causes Description

Every 5 minutes a child arrives alone at and around railway stations in India. Children runaway due to poverty, abuse and neglect. Mostly they roam in search of a better life but the harsh reality of the streets, is often more dangerous than the life they left behind. Children are constantly at a risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and violence at India’s bustling railway stations, that serve as an ideal place for abusers looking to prey on lonely, desperate, and vulnerable children. Railway Children India strives to create sustainable, long-lasting and positive changes in the life of children who are unsafe and deprived of protection. Over the years, our work has reached out to and protected thousands of children living at and around railway stations.

We are seeking funds for Education Support for Underprivileged Children.
Our work at and around railway stations and in vulnerable communities has given us a bird’s eyes view of the damage done to children who are out of school or not learning. Every month, we have reached 50 children and provided them with all they need to continue learning during lockdown. But there are many children still waiting.
Our aim is to help 500 children get back to school.
• Ensure 1 CHILD is enrolled in school: Rs.300
• Provide 1 CHILD educational supplies to continue learning: Rs.500
Donate now to help 500 children get back to school

*50% tax exemption on all the donations