Subas Tiwari


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VOICE Voluntary Organisation in Interest of Consumer Education September 2011 till date as a Researcher Job Profile • Meeting and liaising with stakeholders to negotiate and agree research projects. • Formulating a planproposal and presenting it to the senior management and stakeholders. • Writing and managing the distribution of surveys and questionnaires. • Briefing interviewers and researchers. • Liaising with and managing survey staff. • Conducting qualitative or quantitative surveys, which may involve field, interview or focus group assessments. • Monitoring Evaluation the progress of research project. • Coordinating with stakeholders and other related department heads for betterment of research studies. • Analysing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions, including surveys and focus group transcripts. • Writing detailed reports and presenting results. • Advocacy with related departments, association or regulator for policy changes, modifications, and developmen

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