Family Counsellor


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Rights and Entitlement/Governance

Job Description

1. Counsels concerned parties and mediates a variety of child custody and visitation disputes. 2. Utilizes interview assessment and testing procedures that are consistent with generally accepted clinical, forsenic, scientific, diagnostic or medical standards. 3. Investigates and evaluates cases by interviewing clients, inspecting residence, interpreting psychological data and assessing potential risks of physical and sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal history, domestic violence and related factors. 4. Prepares and organizes investigative data and evidence and makes recommendations to the court regarding guardian/custodial arrangements in the best interest of the child. 5. Prepares a wide variety of reports, correspondence, depositions and court testimony on cases. 6. Conducts case consultation with other staff, supervisor, family law judges and community resources. 7. In response to an immediate crisis, analyzes and assesses potential risk to the child and provides re

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MA

Qualification: MA Psychology or MSW Experience: at least one year Desirable: Basics of Computer, Adequate writing skills

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:MOHAN FOUNDATION
  • About Organization:With industrialization and urbanization after independence, the Socio-cultural identity of the people of Chotanagpur Plateau was being eroded fast. To check this cultural erosion and protect the human rights the people of this region felt the need of formation of a Socio – cultural organization and this need gave birth to C.S.S. on 8th May 1968. The organization was registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 11.08.1975. The organization mobilized its resources and didn't accept Grant in Aid till 1988 for promoting voluntarism. After policy level changes in the year 1988, we started accepting During its early years Arts & Culture was used successfully as a medium of "Transformation" and to reach illiterate people of the region. In the year 1992 activities of the Organization were extended in the areas of Community Development, Health, Self-Governance, Rehabilitation of persons with disability, Agriculture, Human Resource Development IGP and Advocacy. With the objective o