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Public Health/WASH

Job Description

The pharmacist will be responsible for all matters regarding the medicines taken by IRHS patients. This includes the purchasing of medicines, its dispensing and stock tracking. The pharmacist will also responsible for main administrative tasks and is required to work closely with the other team members to make sure all administrative tasks are completed correctly and on time. The candidate should also be willing to take on additional tasks / responsibilities as the team or organization may occasionally require. The major responsibilities of the pharmacist will be as follows: a.Purchasing medicines b.Dispensing drugs to patient counselors, clinic and chronic patients c.Managing the inventory of medicines in Hyderabad office and overseeing the stock management in all field projects d.In consultation with the director, change formulations or add new medicine to the inventory. e.Any other tasks assigned by the supervisor.

Desired Candidate Profile

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-He/she should be good in purchasing medicines and dispensing drugs to patient counsellors. -should have good communication skills.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Institute For Rural Health And Studies
  • About Organization:The Institute for Rural Health Studies (IRHS) is a 34 year old charitable NGO dedicated to making health care accessible to the rural poor. IRHS manages an integrated strategy to provide rural villagers preventative and curative healthcare. IRHS runs two primary health care clinics in remote areas and a cervical cancer screening project based in a district hospital. For patients who need secondary and tertiary level care IRHS has developed a referral system to government and private hospitals in Hyderabad. The central office also manages drug requirements of clinics, cancer project and other projects within the institutes. We are looking to acquire services of a part-time/full time pharmacist based in Hyderabad.