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Educate for Life is a UK registered charity. We work in partnership with local organisation RBKS. Together, we run Hunar Ghar, an innovative school in rural Rajasthan. We action-research a model for sustainable development that integrates education, healthcare, and community work. Hunar Ghar currently has 258 pupils, ranging from four to fourteen. All students that attend the school are first generation learners. We have adapted how the curriculum is taught to meet their needs. They are achieving good academic results with literacy and numeracy skills above the state average. We are documenting our experiences with a view to being a role model for other schools in rural areas. The school acts as a hub for community related development as we aim to provide seamless support for community members from pregnancy to adulthood through community services focused on maternal and child healthcare and education and mentoring. We’re transitioning to work with the government across a wider area. W

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - Post Graduate-Other

 Masters degree in social work, development studies or any other relevant discipline (eg TISS)  A minimum of three years’ relevant experience, including: 1. One years’ experience working in a rural or marginalised community 2. Two years’ leadership experience (eg Gandhi Fellowship) 3. For PYL, ALL, SAM only, two years’ teaching experience 4. For Rural Changemaker only, two years’ experience liaising with government officials to create change  Growth Mindset – you will face virgin challenges and need to learn a lot  Resourcefulness – you will need to get things done yourself  Reflective attitude – make constant micro-innovations to improve your work  Wellbeing – strong sense of self care and care of others  Team work – all successes and failures are shared equally.  Strong computer literacy (Email, Word, Excel, web research)  Fluent spoken and written Hindi and English  Personal laptop and smart phone

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Educate for Life
  • About Organization:Educate for Life is charity registered in the UK. Since 2006 we have worked in partnership with Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti (RBKS), a leading Indian NGO, in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Together, we run Hunar Ghar: An innovative primary school that integrates education, healthcare, and community work. The school acts as a hub for community development as we aim to provide seamless support for community members from pregnancy to adulthood.   Our work has three levels of impact. First, it changes the lives of individual women and children. Second, buy running a school with integrated healthcare and community services, we impact on entire families and the entire village. Thirdly, by achieving such high impact we are informing and inspiring change across rural India.   In education, we innovate in three areas. We explore how to support rural teachers, how to translate the curriculum for first generation rural learners, and how to work with the community to achieve high impact. Our wo