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Program Implementation


Job Description

EdIndia Foundation is looking for an Intern for its Teachable project (Chhattisgarh). The intern will get opportunities to work actively with students, colleges and DIETs in inducing them to use digital technology and content. The intern will be trained on M&E and dashboard creation to present their collected data effectively. 

Day-to-day responsibilities:

· Reporting to the project manager and undertaking visits to DIETs/Colleges in multiple districts of Chhattisgarh to meet the project objectives.

· Interviewing and collecting data from the DIETs/Colleges in a specified format/mobile app during the visits. 

· Analyzing technology trends and potential to adapt in Raipur and assisting with vendor liaising, analysis of user engagement on mobile, and motivate beneficiaries to be on board on the App, etc.

· The intern will provide other ad-hoc support to the project team for project implementation.

· The intern will get opportunities to work actively with the project team on different aspects of the Teachable project to create impact towards improving the quality of pre-service teacher education programs at the state level.

· Any other task for day-to-day operation and as per the requirement.

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Organization Details

  • Organization Name:EdIndia Foundation
  • About Organization:EdIndia is a section 8 Not for Profit Company that leverages technology and data analytics to create innovative solutions to impact the quality of education at scale. It has been provided incubation support by Sterlite Power Transmission and its group companies. Acknowledging the fact that there are existing barriers to integrate technology within Government system; EdIndia spearheads initiatives that capitalize on modern digital tools, smart classrooms as well as training of teachers in facilitating children to participate better in the education process and realize improved learning outcomes. EdIndia has been running projects in intersection of Education, Technology and Data Analytics in 100 schools in Rajasthan and 1500 Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) schools in Mumbai, Maharashtra, since 2012. These programs impact more than 3 lakh students