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Job Description

Every Child Welfare Officer or Case Worker in the Child Care Institution shall carry out all directions given by the Board or the Committee or the Child Welfare Committee. The case worker/child welfare officer shall keep the best interests of the child foremost in his/her approach in dealing with the child/children assigned to him/her. The CWO or Case Worker may also be appointed as monitoring authority as provided under JJ Model Rules 2016. The Monitoring authority shall maintain a Rehabilitation card for the child in Form 14 of JJ Model Rules 2016. The duties of the case worker/child welfare officer are as under.

At the time of production of the child before the JJB or Children’s Court and inquiry

• The CWO/case-worker shall receive charge of a child from the CWC, Children‘s Court, or the Person-in-charge/Superintendent of an institution and shall implement

directions as received from the JJB or Children‘s Court.

• The CWO/case worker shall accompany the Special Juvenile Police or Child Welfare Police Officer while producing the child to the JJB within 24- hours as per sub-section 1 of section 10 of the JJA 2015.

• When a child is apprehended in accordance with section 10 of the JJA, and assigned to the CWO/case worker, the CWO/case worker shall produce the child before the Board within 24 hours excluding the time necessary for the journey of apprehending the child, from the place where such child was apprehended and also provide a report explaining why the child was apprehended by the police.

• To conduct a Social Investigation Report in relation to a child alleged to be in conflict with law, on receipt of information from the police or Child Welfare Police Officer or on arrival of a child in the Child Care Institution and submit the Social Investigation Report to the Board or the Children‘s Court, within 15 days as per Form 6.

Care, supervision and support of children in CCI (Observation Home, Special Home, Place of Safety)

• All the children in the CCI shall be assigned CWO/case worker who shall be responsible for the child assigned to him by the Superintendent/Person-in-charge in all respects viz. care, protection, rehabilitation, reformation and development of the child.

• The CWO/case worker shall be responsible for reporting to the Board or the Children‘s Court about the child and maintaining the child‘s record in the Child Care Institution.

• Upon assignment of the child to the CWO/case worker, he or she shall:

• Facilitate services to be received by the child at the Reception Unit:

• Welcome the child to the CCI, explain routine, rules, obligations, expectations of the child, understand child‘s expectations of the institution, explain the code of conduct, what the child should expect from staff and what staff will expect from child, explain the status of the his case and provide tentative timelines so that the child understands his/her situation fully, permit adequate time for the child to ask questions and seek information and clarification.

• Provision of materials- clothes, footwear, toiletries, issuance of linen.

• Ensure that the child gets a meal, takes a bath immediately if necessary.

• Ensure the child has access to detox facilities if he/she should require it.

• Ensure that any ongoing treatment of the child is not interrupted or neglected.

• Meet the child more than once a day to ensure that he/she feels safe and comfortable.

• Facilitate processes such as required tests, assessments and examinations of the child conducted by the professionals in the institution (counselor/teacher/doctor/psychologist).

• Gather information about the child within the initial five days to ascertain the child‘s education, vocational status and aptitude and emotional status.

• At the end of stay in the reception unit, escort the child to the dormitory and introduce him/her to the other children.

• Use positive methods to introduce the child to the other children so that the child feels welcome. Introduce the child to the house father/mother.

• Introduce the child to children‘s committee members.

• Maintain documentation and case file for each child assigned in the CCI:

• Prepare the case file of the child.

• Collect the child‘s medical, mental status, cognitive assessment, psychosocial and addiction status reports from the persons concerned and place them in the medical record of the child.

• Maintain the Protective Custody Card.

• Prepare and maintain the medical record of the child and ensure that the treatment of the child is not interrupted or neglected;

• On receiving the copy of the order of declaration of age, to make the necessary changes in the record as regards the age of the child if any change is required and to place the copy of the said order in the case file of the child;

• Update the Individual Care Plan and the case file to record goals achieved and another relevant information related to the child‘s progress:-

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