Child Welfare Officer (Cwo)

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Child Care and Nutrition

Job Description

Reports To: Program Manager (PM)

Subordinates: Night Staffs and Teachers

Organisation: ONYVA (NGO)

Program: TARA Boys (Children Home)


The Child Welfare Officer (CWO) is responsible for the daily welfare and well-being of the children, making sure they are safe and well taken care of, and that their emotional and physical needs are met. This is done through effective coordination with the other CWO and the supervision of subordinates.

The CWO will be in charge of the overall follow up (well-being, emotional and physical health, schooling, and case file) of the children.

The CWO is responsible for ensuring that all Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and legal requirements are met.


Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the home-

- To ensure that the TARA Boys schedule is adhered to

- Implement the Operational Plan after discussion with Program Manager (PM)

- To report any faults with the premises to the Administration Manager and ensure that action is taken

- To inform the PM of any on-going concerns

Guarantee the implementation of rules-

- To ensure that Child Protection Policy (CPP) and TARA's Code of Conduct (HR Policy) are implemented fully at all times and followed by children and all TARA Associates. Correct any lapse immediately

- To implement the House Rules and Disciplinary Action Procedure consistently and ensure that every child is aware of them

- To conduct or arrange training on Childs Rights, JJ Act, POCSO and others

- To conduct Spot Checks to ensure compliance with Operating Guidelines and Child Protection Policy

Be responsible for placement related matters-

- Maintain the proper documentation of case files and CWC requirements

- To deal with CWC and Court matters

- To do home visits when it is required

Ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children-

- To observe, listen, help, support and guide the children

- To ensure that each child has positive personal hygiene

- To ensure that subordinates continually monitor the activities of the children to ensure their safety and wellbeing

- To build a good rapport with the parents and family members

- To be able and confident to administer first aid

Be in charge of education-related matters-

- To find the best schools possible that meet the needs of each child and to maintain a liaison with the school

- Ensure the maintenance of proper documentation of educational files of the children and school requirements

- Check school dairies of children in coordination with the tuition teachers and take the necessary action as required

- Attend Parent Teachers Meetings (PTM) and write PTM report, meet the school teachers as often as needed

- To manage the tuition teacher and volunteers and coordinate with them on a regular basis to confirm the schedule


- To provide leadership to staff

- To lead by example and be a role model for staff and children

- To create a family-like environment

- To be available and approachable to the children, staff, tuition teachers and volunteers

- To foster effective teamwork between TARA Associates

- To report any problem or concern to PM


- Maintain human resources policies, procedures and practices

- Ensure that a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations

- Assist the PM to recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities

- Assess the need for tuition teachers and volunteers and recruit accordingly.

- Ensure that all staff receive an orientation to TARA and that appropriate training is provided

- Coach and mentor staff, tuition teachers and volunteers as appropriate to improve performance

- Discipline staff, tuition teachers and volunteers when necessary using appropriate techniques and release them when necessary using appropriate and legal procedures

- Complete Performance Reviews (PR) as per the schedule set by PM

- Assist PM to ensure that employee information is raised, distributed and signed as per schedule

- Conduct one to one meeting with direct reports

- Conduct Operational Staff Meetings (OSM)

- Conduct meetings with the tuition teachers and volunteers to gather updates and share information


- To implement the training plan with the assistance of PM

- To review training effectiveness


- Ensure that accounting procedures are followed

- Plan the expenses as per the PM’s directions


- Represent TARA to other NGO’s, agencies, schools, colleges and all educational facilities at the request of the PM

- Foster positive neighborhood relations

- Attend Court, Child Welfare Committee, District Child Protection Unit and Department of Women and Child Development


- Identify and evaluate the risks to the home associates, property, finances, goodwill, and image

- Implement measures to control risks

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Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Tara Child Protection And Empowerment (Ngo)
  • About Organization:We emphasize the right of each child to quality education and to intellectual, artistic and psychological development. We maintain and encourage the bond of the children with their families.