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Program Implementation

Public Health/WASH

Job Description

Assistant project managers provide necessary support for projects within an organization.

This role requires individuals to oversee project goals, create and deliver reports, analyze data from project execution, and any other duties as determined by project managers.

Eligibility Criteria

Nurse responsibilities include:

  • Identifying patients' care requirements, focus on their needs and act on them.
  • Nurturing a compassionate environment by providing psychological support.
  • Resolving or reporting on patients' needs or problems.

Desired Candidate Profile

Others - Others

She is passed ANM and 2 years experience .

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:VIRD
  • About Organization:Established in 1987, Voluntary Institute for Rural Development (VIRD) started with a vision to empower weaker sections of the society. Their areas of focus included community empowerment through social awareness, woman empowerment, educating youth on social responsibility and their rights, etc.

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