Program Manager

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Program Implementation


Job Description

1. Establishing rigorous goals, systems and strategic plans:

? Create a strategic plan of support aligned to the Program and larger Organisational goals And teacher needs that enable all teachers to create learning environments which actively encourage the development of student Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Digital making and Creativity.

? Build capacity in teachers to gain the requisite technical expertise and pedagogical expertise and use a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyse Progress to goals, evaluate and increase the effectiveness of the Pi Jam Curriculum

2. Execution.

? Collect, analyse and respond accurately and effectively to broad group needs backed by Data and motivational incentives.

3. Developing Self, Teacher and Student Learning:

? Develop and manage a team of teachers through various essential opportunities: Classroom observations, feedback and aligned need-based learning experiences, Technical training and Routine Teacher Training Jams.

? Plan and execute influential peer-driven Learning Circles, focusing on the three aspects of Pi Jam's Teacher Training module: technical expertise, data-driven Assessment expertise and pedagogical expertise.

? Build a focus on Problem Solving, Design Thinking and other learning outcomes inside And outside the classroom.

4. Building a vision and driving a culture of collaboration within the organisation, school Ecosystem and teacher team:

? Build a culture focused on ensuring student learning and program impact on Students are a top priority.

? Facilitate shared learning, unconditional support and strong self and peer accountability Within the teacher team, organisational team, and the school support system.

compensation: 5L to 7L LPA

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MBA/PGDM

? Hold a degree in a Science, Technology, Engineering, Math or Education field, or have commensurate or demonstrable experience in STEM.

? Proven experience leading education programs that have a substantive impact and sustained outcomes

? At least one year of corporate experience

? Working knowledge of education and program evaluation methods and experience evaluating programs with an eye to ongoing improvements

? Have an in-depth understanding of a start-up's time and effort demands.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Pi Jam Foundation
  • About Organization:Pi Jam Foundation is a Section 8 (not-for-profit) company conceived by Teach for India Alumni in 2017. The organization is entirely impact driven and aims to provide all students from government and affordable private schools Computing and Problem-solving skills, which are essential for them to succeed in the 21st century workplace. Using low-cost, open source technology and a contextual research-based curriculum coupled with innovative pedagogy, Pi Jam Foundation aims to provide quality computer science education to students across the country.