Program Manager- Outreach & Communications



Middle Mgt (Regional/ Zonal Manager, AVP, State /Regional Head)

Communication & PR

Environment / Energy/ Waste Management

Job Description

The candidate should be able to understand and analyze ongoing and past work at SELCO

Foundation, including priority areas, key projects/programmes/ work themes.

? The individual should be able to gauge the external communication landscape of other organizations

& influencers, in the energy access, SDGs and allied work spaces.

? We seek individuals who can use both information sources - carve a niche, rigorously and regularly

communicate the work and concepts to the external audiences & stakeholders via a detailed

content building and content dissemination plan.

? The ideal candidate should be able to build and write content by accumulating information from the

organizations teams as per the priority subjects, relevance to external stakeholders and time of


? The individual should build media relations and partnerships to disseminate the communication

materials to various channels and ensure publication.

? The candidate would be responsible for management and mentorship of team members based in

Bangalore, and other offices for writing and management of outreach and communications while

adhering to strict timelines.

? The candidate should also keep a track of publications and the reach gained, evaluate results,

provide suggestions of course corrections and build the same into new plans made. The candidate

should also be able to ascertain individual program/partners/funder needs and be able to integrate

these into larger plans of the team and execute the same.

? The candidate would also be required to liaise with partners, especially peers in other organisations

to build joint communication strategies and dissemination plans.

? The candidate would also be required to mentor, manage and lead the communications team to

his/her best possible extent.

? Core aspects of the communications lead will include development and management of all web

presence, including website, allied web portals, social media presence etc

? Preparation of quarterly newsletters for internal and external organizational updates.

? Keeping a track of regional, national and global events and representation and collaboration at key

sectoral events.

Eligibility Criteria


? Practical, hands-on experience of a minimum of 7 years in creative writing, journalism, media,

communication strategy, social media, communication, PR or an allied field

? Experience in video and graphic production, journalism, media relations or creative writing and

editorial management is required. Mixed/diverse experiences are preferred

? Self-motivated, responsible and should be engaged and highly interested in the developmental


? Ability to learn quickly from multiple subject areas and be a team player with excellent

managerial and people skills to mentor and motivate other team members

? Willingness to travel for 3-5 days in a month or on need basis

? Fluency in English

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MSW

The Program Manager at SELCO Foundation will be a key resource to accumulate information from

various departments of the organization, treating/editing/compiling it for the purpose of various

external stakeholders as well as planning and executing a dissemination strategy. The forms of content

will include but not be limited to articles, case studies, research reports, videos and dissemination

channels will include but not be limited to various print and online news agencies and content

platforms, organization owned websites and blogs, special interest magazines as well as on partner

platforms. The Program Manager would ascertain various outreach strategies for various departments

and geographies, analyze budgetary requirements and execution plans for the outreach needs of the

organisation. He/She will work with other departmental leads in advocating for the learnings that the

organization is collating with the help of various tools and techniques utilised in communication.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:SELCO FOUNDATION
  • About Organization:SELCO Foundation is an open source, not for profit organization that engages in field-based R&D and ecosystem building for deployment of clean energy solutions that alleviate poverty in under-served areas. The organization works in collaboration with practitioners in the social sector, energy entrepreneurs, NGOs from various developmental sectors and government institutions to link the benefits of sustainable energy for poverty eradication. With an inclusive, end user centric approach, the organization aims to create a platform through its work and outreach strategy that puts grassroot voices, solutions and experiences at the forefront.