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Reporting to: Director, Alumni Impact

As Manager, Social Innovation you will play a critical role in executing the vision and strategy of Teach For India - to support Alumni to launch innovative new enterprises in the education space. You will be responsible for spearheading InnovatED - Teach For India's national platform for incubating early-stage entrepreneurs.

Through this role, you will be helping promising education entrepreneurs overcome the barriers that exist between coming up with a great idea and building a strong, sustainable organization.


Primary responsibility: Lead the InnovatED initiative end-to-end

  • Design: You will refine the design of the overall InnovatED initiative based on user feedback and the emergent needs of the entrepreneur community. You will also design convenings, sessions, calls, and other spaces/platforms of interaction for entrepreneurs.
  • Storytelling: You will evangelize the InnovatED initiative to both prospective entrepreneurs and diverse players in the ecosystem (such as incubators, funders, non-profits, government and media).
  • Network and relationship building: You will forge long-term, goodwill-based partnerships with a range of ecosystem actors (mentioned above) - in service of our entrepreneurs. You will also build positive and enduring relationships with every entrepreneur incubated by InnovatED, as well as enable peer-to-peer collaboration within the collective of entrepreneurs incubated by InnovatED.
  • Outreach: You will drive awareness-building activities to spread the word about InnovatED and what it offers - to promising, eligible entrepreneurs from the Teach For India network - which includes both Alumni and Fellows, particularly those running Be The Change Projects (BTCPs). This would include a multi-channel marketing and communications campaign.
  • Selection: You will conduct a rigorous, multi-stage selection process to handpick the most promising entrepreneurs via a combination of internal selection (which you will lead) and external selection (where you will mobilize a panel of experts from the ecosystem).
  • Delivering the program: You will deliver the 6 core elements of InnovatED's value proposition - access to funding, access to a dedicated coach, series of national innovation bootcamps, peer community of entrepreneurs, access to the ecosystem, and a knowledge toolkit. In addition, you will provide any urgent, need-based support to the entrepreneurs.
  • Thought-partnering and mentoring: InnovatED, in its current form, has a full-time coaching consultant on board who works 1:1 with each entrepreneur. Your role will be to complement the coach as a thought partner and sounding board. From time to time, you will even play the role of a friend, counsel, and guide. It will also be your role to keep the entrepreneurs accountable to their commitments and make sure they stick to agreed milestones.
  • Delivering events: You will be responsible for executing three residential bootcamps every year. This will require you to be strong on operations and logistics, design and planning, as well as influencing stakeholders, and community-building.
  • Facilitating sessions: During bootcamps, a majority of the sessions will be delivered by top facilitators and experts from the ecosystem. In addition, you will facilitate a handful of sessions in areas where you are best poised to deliver them yourself.
  • Developing knowledge frameworks: You will play an important role in improving, democratizing, and evangelizing InnovatED's knowledge frameworks.
  • Project management and codification: As part of 'managing the project', you will maintain a record of all the important information pertaining to the project, keep a track of all the different work streams and monitor progress across these streams, as well as codify knowledge and insights for the benefit of entrepreneurs, your larger team, the organization, and the ecosystem. You will also keep a keen eye on the program budget and ensure other kinds of compliance, with a view on running InnovatED in a responsible and resourceful manner.
  • Evaluation and impact: You will continuously gauge the efficacy of InnovatED as an initiative, and make iterations based on the insights you generate. You will similarly monitor the organizational health and individual development of the entrepreneurs we incubate. You will also report the impact of InnovatED and the impact of our entrepreneurs - to donors and other internal and external stakeholders.
  • Innovation: Finally, you must look at InnovatED itself as an evolving, emergent venture that is constantly improving itself. While most of the responsibilities mentioned above fall into the category of 'business as usual', an important component of your work will be to innovate yourself to push InnovatED's bar higher. 

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Graduation - BA

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Teach For India
  • About Organization:Teach For India is on a journey to reach an India free of poverty and filled with love by ending educational inequity in our country. Twelve years into our journey we are a movement of 3800 Alumni working at all levels of the education system, who are reaching 1 in 10 children across the country. These Alumni have graduated from our two-year Fellowship Program where they taught in under-resourced classrooms to put 32,000 low-income children on a different life path. Today, we have 970 Fellows and are the largest pipeline of driven, skilled talent into the educational ecosystem in India. In 2022, we embark on Phase 4, our fourth strategic phase. We have a bold and ambitious ten-year journey ahead of us that aims to grow 50,000 leaders, who will work collectively, and with love, to transform the lives of 1 in 10 low-income children in our regions, through an education that unleashes the potential of self, others and India. In this decade, five key priorities will lead us to this vision.