Executive Administrator

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New Delhi




Job Description

The Ahvaan Trust is looking for a fulltime junior to mid-level candidate who will provide the Communications, HR and Administrative Support to the Executive Director (ED) and the Senior Leadership Team. The role reports directly to the Executive Director and works closely with the office.

The Role and Purpose

The person will work directly with the Executive Director, Sayantani Gaddam, on strategic and operational matters. Ahvaan is seeking someone who goes beyond the executive assistant role to help the office function smoothly. We need an agile, thoughtful, and resilient early-career professional who is driven by the opportunity to contribute to the impact Ahvaan seeks to make and has long term aspirations to be a leader in the social impact sector.

Goals and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership support. Your primary goal is to help the leader, and thus, the organization be more effective. In doing so, you will play a number of roles. These include coordination between the ED & the senior team; integrating connecting work streams that would otherwise remain in siloes; and as a communicator linking the leadership team and the broader organization. This includes but is not limited to preparing and reviewing material for internal and external priorities, maintaining operational rhythms – moving agendas forward and anticipating and working through risks, as well as drafting well-articulated communications, often under significant time pressure. This is a demanding role.
  2. Organizational effectiveness. Help incubate/ refine and run essential systems and processes for the organization and the ED. These range from contribution to leadership meetings, preparation of material for Board meetings as well as internal and external communications. You will be expected to support the fostering of the organizational culture and anticipate and implement opportunities for process improvements.
  3. Strategic initiatives. As you grow in the role, you will incubate and manage new, cross functional initiatives and projects that emerge, working alongside the ED or a leadership team member.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Experience working directly with senior leadership.
  • Exposure to private, public and non-profit sectors.
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office and handling digital communication.
  • A graduate or post graduate degree in any area is eligible; strong academic achievement is helpful for the application.

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Interested candidates should demonstrate:

  • Values: alignment with Ahvaan’s purpose, approach, and values
  • Character: agility, thoughtfulness, resilience, integrity
  • Skills: ability to work well under pressure (this is a demanding role), top-notch communication skills (written and verbal), effective implementation, structured problem-solving, management of multiple agendas, and working with ambiguity. This could come through 2-5 years of experience in either top-tier management consulting/ large business/ startup/foundations / non-profit organizations
  • Understanding of the Education sector, public or private

It is essential that interested candidates demonstrate:

  • Experience working directly with senior leadership
  • Exposure to private, public and non-profit sectors
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office and handling digital communication.
  • A graduate or post graduate degree in any area is eligible; strong academic achievement is helpful for the application.

What You Can Gain from This Role

  1. Leadership training
  2. Experience in organizational growth and development, early in your career to hone the entrepreneur in you
  3. Professional effectiveness, including skills such as agility, managing multiple agendas, using your judgement, working under pressure, as well as communication and presence

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Ahvaan Trust
  • About Organization:The Ahvaan Trust is a not-for-profit organization working with State Governments in the areas of Curriculum Development, Professional Development of Educators, Master Trainers, Heads of School, as well as Parent Engagement within the Govt. school ecosystem. The focus is on the Foundational Years, 3+ to 8+. Currently working with the States of Delhi and Tripura the organization continues to explore meaningful engagement in other states.