Program Manager, TLC

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Junior Management

Program Development & Management


Job Description

We are hiring team members to grow our program - Teacher Learning Centers, learning spaces set up by Ashvattha, where pre-service teachers create 21st century classrooms for primary school students. In the process student teachers build their teacher-leader competencies. We currently have three operational TLCs, DIET (Goner, Japur), Apni Jagah (Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur) and Khudanpuri (Alwar).

What you’ll get to learn and do:

  • Lead design, documentation, monitoring and evaluation of the program
  • Build healthy stakeholder relationships including with govt. functionaries
  • Oversee functional logistics at all teacher learning centers 
  • Support center coordinators in their capacity building and everyday operations
  • Work with product/design team members to ensure quality delivery 
  • Create and implement an internship support program for govt. school internships
  • Collect stakeholder feedback and capture teacher experiences/stories
  • Build processes for community/alumni support after job placements

Eligibility Criteria

Who are we looking for: 

  • Wants to join a value & purpose driven team
  • Self-directed, responsible and eager to learn
  • Problem solver, entrepreneurial and go-getter
  • Excellent verbal communication (English and Hindi)
  • Strong relationship skills (individuals and institutions)
  • Experience in facilitating group learning
  • Basic digital and documentation skills 
  • Primary school teaching experience strong preference

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Ashvattha Learning Communities
  • About Organization:In the 21st century, demands from school education are rapidly evolving. Teacher education needs to evolve in sync with these changing expectations and Ashvattha Learning Communities aims to be a trailblazer in this field. We are creating scaffolded and guided field experiences for pre-service teachers, i.e. students and recent graduates of teacher training institutions before they become teachers in the formal education system. These experiences will support young teachers to have a strong professional foundation, build competencies for lifelong learning and find support in peer communities.