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Program Development & Management

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Job Description


As a CEO you have following responsibilities:

1. CEO will report to Managing Director / Directors of Company and representatives of Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK).

2. CEO will be responsible for business growth of company. He will look after production, procurement, processing and Marketing.

3. You have to increase Company’s Shareholders regular basis by creation of awareness at village/Panchayet/block level. The company has the target of Shareholders is minimum 1500 and you have follow timely instruction of NBJK.

4. You will assist the Board in the formulation of goals, objectives, strategies, plans and policies.

5. You will sign all business related documents on behalf of the company. You may exercise the powers as may be necessary in the ordinary course of business.

6. You are responsible for necessary licensing require to Company for smooth operation.

7. You are also responsible to communicate with Chartered Accountant (CA) for timely filling to RoC, GST and other necessary fillings.

8. You are also responsible for maintain proper books of account, prepare annual accounts and thereof; placed the audited accounts before the Board and in the Annual General Meeting of the members. You will also prepare Annual Report of Company.

9. You will also be responsible to update company software regularly for maintain accounts, shareholders or members data etc.

10. You are responsible for operating Common Service Center (CSC) in FPO involving the Accountant.

11. You are responsible for keeping proper documentation of all programs and activities. Keep photographs in company computer by creating date wise folders.

12. You will furnish company members with periodic information to appraise them of the operation and function of the producer company.

13. You will also be responsible for providing timely information to the company’s members and Board of directors for scheduled company meetings or emergency or short notice meetings. A monthly meeting must be organized by CEO along with all Board members.

14. You will make liaison with all related Govt. departments and will inform about new schemes to company’s shareholders. You must have to avail different schemes as convergence through company and distribute to our shareholders.

15. You will prepare report monthly and quarterly (QPR)

16. You are also responsible for quarterly submission of FPO

17. You are responsible to attend all meetings, trainings and video conference as per schedule organized by Company,

18. You will submit ‘Daily Report’ to company/NBJK as per prescribed format at the end of day.

19. You have to submit “Monthly Visit Plan” of both CEO and Accountant to NBJK on 25th day of the every month.

20. You have to monitor and guide the Accountant of Company.

21. You are fully responsible for all company assets and cash during your service tenure

Location: Chanho, Jharkhand

Apply by: 20 Oct 2022

Eligibility Criteria

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Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MBA/PGDM

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Chanho Birsa Munda Sangathan Producer Company Ltd.
  • About Organization:The Company's status is Active. It's a company limited by shares having an authorized capital of Rs 10.00 lakh and a paid-up capital of Rs 2.00 lakh as per MCA. 5 Directors are associated with the organization. Maksud Ansari, Jadu Oraon, Kamakhya Singh and 2 other members are presently associated as directors

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