Program Coordinator - Resource mobilization

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Junior Management

Resource Mobilization & Investor Relations


Job Description

Title: Program Coordinator - Resource Mobilization

Location: New Delhi

Reports to: Executive Director/Program head

No of Positions: 1

The Program Coordinator - Resource Mobilization will be responsible for building an increasingly, diversified network of resource partners including development partners, corporates, academia, policy-makers, philanthropists and foundations. The officer will target partners who share in the vision and mission of PRATYeK & provide funds, technical support and other forms of collaboration to meet the current and future needs of PRATYeK.

The post holder will also be responsible for establishing and promoting the brand of PRATYeK regionally and internationally, raising awareness about the organization’s work at various forums and ensuring transparency and information sharing with public. He/she will be a strategic thinker & strong understanding of the development sector. He/She will be responsible for providing resource mobilization strategy in response to the emerging opportunities and challenges.


· Develop and implement Resource Mobilization Strategy.

· Produce Resource Mobilization Plans and Reports

· Research and identification of relevant resources includes identify Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Applications (RFAs), guide and coordinate responses.

· Achieve appealing proposals and concepts and effective communication with donor focal points. Includes being PRATYeK’s focal point for resource mobilization and sustainability activities.


· Facilitate the development of a FAWE Resource Mobilization Strategy that includes securing new, diverse and additional resources for PRATYeK. The strategy should respond to PRATYeK’s funding needs.

· Conduct and develop a 5-year funding needs assessment for PRATYeK

· Conducting research on potential donors/partners such as trusts, foundations, companies and high net worth individuals. This includes identifying funding opportunities, constantly scan the horizon, network and solicit donor intelligence and share information on donor profiles.

· Draft appealing proposals and concepts to diverse sources, including development partners, Corporates, policy makers, philanthropists and foundations.

· Produce Resource Mobilization Plans and Reports as per stipulated periods and requirements.

· Developing, managing and updating contacts of PRATYeK databases to record their contacts and preference information; Maintaining a network of corporate contacts and effectively managing and maximizing on these relationships.

· Develop and Strengthen Partnerships for Joint Proposal Writing especially with credible organizations in the country. Includes registering with relevant fundraising associations.

· Organize resource mobilization events for example, Donor Round Tables.

· Build staff (Both Regional Secretariat and National Chapters) capacity on resource mobilization at all levels, including development of tools and skills to aid staff in resource mobilization. This will also include, internally building a case for Resource Mobilization by sensitizing staff on the proposition for resource mobilization.

· Maintain relations with donors and ensure they are consistently and timely informed on important operational Issues. This includes effective communication with donors’ focal points and being PRATYeK’s focal point for resource mobilization and sustainability activities.

How to Apply

Interested candidates may please fill in the google form

Last date for applying is 3 March 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Eligibility Criteria

Qualifications and Experience

· Master’s degree in Social Science, Business Communication, Marketing, Public Relations or a related fields.

· Minimum 8 years of demonstrated experience in developing fund-raising strategy and institutional resource mobilization, understanding of the development sector and grants management. A proven track record of fundraising from major donors, corporate and foundations.

· At least 5 years’ experience in NGO Sector.

· Proven competence in written and spoken English, Good writing and editorial skills.

· Proven skills in developing and writing successful funding proposals

· Have high energy, confident presenter who is able to engage people and get them to commit funding and /or to partnering with PRATYeK.

 · Strong organizational and time management skills. Also, very strong networking skills and excellent interpersonal relationship skills.


Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MBA/PGDM

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:PRATYeK
  • About Organization:About PRATYeK, it is a registered society which came into existence in October 2013. Its emphasis is ‘Presence and Right Relations for Advocacy and Training of the Young in Earth-rights and Kids-rights’. PRATYeK in Hindi means ‘everyone’ and it captures the essence of protecting and promoting all rights and opportunities of every child in India by creating a vibrant network of child-rights NGO’s spanning across every state of the country. PRATYeK is the convening organization for the NINEISMINE campaign which has been running since the last 12 years. ( and