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Posted By: Kalptaru Vikas Samiti


Junior Management


Social Venture Funds

Job Description

Education and


• Should be at least educated up to 8th standard with good knowledge of the local

community and local language.

• ORWs should preferably be from the community in case of FSW, MSM, TG,

Migrants and Truckers Project.

• In case of candidates from the community, Peer Educators who have performed

well at least for last 3 years and can read and write may also be considered for the

post of ORW.

• In case of IDU programme special preference would be given to clients who are

stabilized on OST.

• In FIDU TI, the ORW is to be a female.

Knowledge and


• Should have strong communication skills.

• Ability to work in small teams, and flexible ways of working.

• Proficiency in data analysis, report writing, case study compilation.

• At least 20 days in the field visit required.

• Capacity to monitor report and guide the team under him/her.

Duties and Responsibilities: will be responsible for performing the following functions: Planning and Management

1. The ORW will responsible for preparing micro-plans for each hotspot, monitoring the implementation of the plans and review of the plans.

2. Facilitate and build capacity of the peer educators to implement the outreach activities as per the required norms of the project.

3. Ensure micro plans and line listing is updated on quarterly basis and the same is shared with project for HRGs and in case of migrants and truckers the micro plan and site assessment is completed every quarter.

4. Prepare monthly action plan for each hotspot, ensure supply of needles/syringes, condoms, lubricants, BCC materials adequately for each hotspot.

5. Should discuss with the counsellor on a monthly basis to understand the hotspots or sites with poor service uptake, increasing number of due and overdue so that necessary follow up and micro plans can be updated.

6. Should discuss with the community members and other stakeholders in preparing micro plan ensuring that field level support is ensured for smooth implementation of the project.

7. The ORW will identify potential volunteers and would use their services for the programme. In case of truckers and migrants, brokers may be used. Competent volunteers fulfilling necessary

criteria may be engaged as peer educators after complying necessary guidelines

Location: Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Kalptaru Vikas Samiti
  • About Organization:non-profit organisation that operates and functions independently from the government. At times also known as civil societies, NGOs are basically citizen based groups that are organised on the community, national as well as international levels in order to serve specific political or social issues prevalent in the area. Most importantly, NGOs are cooperative rather than commercial in nature.

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