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Job Description

About the job

Nava Jeevan Trust is seeking qualified candidates for the position of Project Manager to implement its tobacco control initiative. The candidate will serve as a resource for NJT team and will collaborate to develop and implement strategies for successful implementation of their project on Creating Sustainable Tobacco Control Coalition initiative in Tamil Nadu.


• Working with beedi workers, NGOs, Networks for coalition building to get the desired results

• Strengthening coalition of the project

• 100% time commitment to the project

• Meeting the peoples representatives, M.Ps., M.L.As., Ministers and Govt. officials for advocacy activities.

• Time to time preparing activity report

• Programme planning with Advocacy Head and Project Director

• Time to time review of the project activities


M.A., in social work, 5-7 years in the field of women empowerment, health and hygiene , and advocacy with policy makers

• Excellent writing, speaking and editing skills in Tamil and English

• Consultative and collaborative approach to handle multiple tasks in fast-paced environment

• Strong project management skills, fine attention to details, and ability to deliver project goals in a timely fashion.

How to Apply

Position available immediately. Interested candidates should send a resume/CV, cover letter and writing sample by e-mail to, before 17th April 2023.

About Nava Jeevan Trust:

• Nava Jeevan Trust is a registered not for profit organization working for the Welfare of women, Children, Beedi workers and the marginalized at Tirunelveli District since 1985.The vision of NJT is A just society where all people (especially women, children and workers) enjoy their rights equally.

• NJT has been carrying out several campaigns in the district since 1992. Most of those campaign activities were related to protection of child rights, protection of women's rights, and campaign on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2009, School Enrollment Campaign, Campaign on Health awareness for the children in the tobacco industry villages.

• To realise the above objective, NJT has been collaborating with the department of education, rural development, Govt of India, Labour welfare Department. The intensive campaign has made 51 villages free from child labour. Due to that 16400 child laborers were removed from work and reenrolled in formal schools.

• Nava Jeevan Trust is planning to build a sustainable tobacco control movement amongst diverse civil society groups in Tamil Nadu through strengthening capacity building efforts among tobacco workers, stakeholders in Tamil Nadu to support tobacco control policy goals at the national and state level, by mobilizing coalition of tobacco control stakeholders in Tamil Nadu, supporting national tobacco control policy goals especially tobacco taxation by engagement with key policy makers. And by supporting tobacco advocates and stakeholders across the country to expose industry use of front groups.

Location: Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu

Eligibility Criteria

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Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Nava Jeevan Trust
  • About Organization:Navajeevan and the brain behind it never cease to amaze the psychiatry department of the Kottayam medical College. But Thomas, 66, attributes his success with mental patients to his language of love. Not surprisingly, he has little difficulty interacting with inmates from outside Kerala thoughhe knows only Malayalam. “I don’t know any other lan­guage. But the language of love binds us all,” says the healer. “Just love them and pray to God,” he says with a disarming smile. About 3500 of his patients have returned to their families after regaining their mental balance; the others are on their way to recov­ery. Many like the fully cured, Kumari, Sarsamma and Sulu have turned volunteers and chosen Navajeevan as their adopted home.