Project Manager



Middle Mgt (Regional/ Zonal Manager, AVP, State /Regional Head)

Program Development & Management

Rights and Entitlement/Governance

Job Description

A. Primary duties and responsibilities:

The project manager performs a wide range of duties including all of the following:

1. Developing programs/projects/Activities.

2. Ensure proper professional relationships with community leaders, local NGOs and other Community-Based Organizations

3. Perform other duties that may be required by Sama's management.

B. Implement the projects

1. Execute the projects according to the projects plans.

2. Develop forms and records to document project activities.

3. Set up files to ensure that all projects information is appropriately documented and secured

4. Monitor the progress of the projects and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the projects.

5. Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders/ the donor including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the projects.

6. Review the quality of the work completed with the project’s teams on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the projects standards, targets, and objectives.

7. Manage the transfer of Projects deliverables, files, equipment and materials as per the standards donor’s procedures

8. Provide direction and leadership in advocating projects objectives and in ensuring that all interested parties are well informed about the projects’ activities and goals.

9. Identify any support and advice required for the management, planning and control of the Projects

10. Responsible for writing scheduled high quality narrative and indicator reports for the ongoing project.


C. Control and evaluate the project

1. Write reports on the projects for management and for funders.

2. Ensure that projects related docs are up to date.

3. Ensure that the projects deliverables are on time, and at the required level of quality.

4. Evaluate the outcomes of the projects as established during the planning phases.

5. Conduct monthly internal and external M& E reports together with the M&E department.

6. Conduct personnel evaluation performances each 4 months or as required.

7. Ensure the quality of outputs and results with optimal monitoring mechanisms; establish effective coordination, monitoring, information sharing and reporting systems.


D. Others

1. Ensure proper professional relationships with relevant national and international partner agencies, relevant of meetings

2. Responsible for representing SAMA’s strategic objectives, mission, and values in a highly professional manner.

3. Plan community–based activities and ensure Humanity visibility, voice, mission, and values are reachable to communities, national and international organizations, donors, governmental entities.

4. Responsible for project staff capacity building and development and plan and administer trainings as needed and related fields.

5. Responsible of data analyzing of reports of all project’s components and briefing programs manager regularly

6. Take action to mitigate any risks facings projects implementations, activities, staff, and beneficiaries. Report on such risks immediately.

7. Ensure all required projects close out documents are obtained, and all narrative reports are done in a timely manner

8. Maintain flexibility to take any added responsibility as and when needed.

9. Maintain flexibility to take any required work trips to Sama‘s projects.

10. Responsible for conducting assessments and gathering data to identify geographical and humanitarian response gaps and areas of focus for SAMA‘s programming

Eligibility Criteria


1. Related degree or have at least 3 years related experience

2. Fe/male applicant/ national staff

3. Demonstrated experience in project and administration

4. Experience in project management

5. Experience in Community Development and related programming

6. Proven experience liaising with government departments, Civil Society Network, and donor projects

7. Fluent in the Kannada and English is preferable.

8. Advanced communication skills, including active listening skills and excellent written communication.

9. Exceptional professionalism and interpersonal skills and an ability to work collegially with team members and stakeholders.

10. Ability to represent the organization and its objectives in highly professional and responsible manner.

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - BSW

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:SAMA FOUNDATION
  • About Organization:Sama Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to stop discrimination in the name of disability and start inclusion in the name of humanity. Ramanathan was working at EveryChild-UK, EveryChild-UK was mainly focusing on street children, child labour and trafficking children in India. EveryChild showed its interest to work among children with disabilities the most marginalized in the society through Inclusive Development Approach and Mr.G.Ramappa, Country Director of Everychild-UK was a key person for starting Sama Foundation. Ramanathan and group of young people with disability came forward to start Sama on 28th December 2005.