Posted By: Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association


Junior Management



Job Description

1. Social Media Manager:

•Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing or a relevant field

•3+ years of proven work experience as a Social media manager

•Proficiency in content management

•Excellent copywriting skills

•Solid knowledge of SEO and keyword research

•Expertise in Google Analytics and Hoot suite

•Knowledge of online marketing channels

•Excellent communication skills

2. Project Manager

> Graduate/Post graduate in any field with minimum 5+ years of work experience in NGO

> Excellent communication (written and verbal) and presentation skills

> Strong project management skills including assessing progress to goals and making the necessary course corrections or reinforcements

Location: Kotagiri, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Nilgiris Adivasi Welfare Association
  • About Organization:The blue mountains of the Nilgiri in Tamil Nadu were once so densely forested, considered the region to be wild and impenetrable. However, the truth of the matter was actually Nature at her resplendent best with multiple eco-zones supporting a variety of forest cover and vegetation alive with a baffling range of creatures. Rivers and streams fed by springs and substantial rainfall watered region. On the lower slopes towards the adjoining Kerala lived the ancient hunting tribe of Moolukurumbas and the food gathering Paniyas, the tropical and sub-tropical moist evergreen forests were inhabited by the hunting and gathering Irulas and Kurumbas with the marginal forest dwellers know as the Kattunaichens, in the belt below the temperate and the artisan Kotas lived and in the high temperate grasslands the Todas established their settlements and grazed their buffalos.

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