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Job Description

The project aims to “Revive the Ponduru Khadi” through creating a channel for appreciating and buying in a piece of legacy. Designing an entire gamut of experience through -

1) a traveling exhibition

2) field tours for different segment of consumers/students

3) training the community to engage

4) educate the consumers and overall building a regular stream of income

The project aims to do the following :

 Create a pop-up exhibit that can be put up in various institutions as a one-stop knowledge center for designers, handloom enthusiasts, researchers and casual visitors on the entire process of converting cotton fiber to fabric as is done in the area.

 Conduct training modules with traditional practitioners in spinning and weaving of cotton for interested learners.

 Create a temporary space where practitioners can practice their spinning and weaving craft and earn a decent income and live a life of dignity as masters of the craft.

 Shall be experiential and have practitioners who can demonstrate the craft.

 Promote possible collaboration between designers, spinners and weavers to produce products that are relevant to today’s market.

 Should serve as a more accessible and scaled down version of the living museum.

Project Characteristics:

 Timeline: 6 months

 Location: Ponduru and Hyderabad

 Knowing telugu will be an added advantage

 Phases of Engagement:

 Research and conceptualization

¦ Field visits for research and contextualization with stakeholders of the craft

¦ Benchmarking of institutions, museums and travel exhibits that work with

similar themes

¦ Collaborate with traditional practicioners and experts for content


¦ Ideating on story-telling styles, the look and feel of the area as well as the

exhibits based on the identified target audience

¦ Ideate on experiential programmes for visitors of the traveling exhibition and

living museum

¦ Creating a spatial blueprint

¦ Ideate on ways the museum becomes an extension of Chitrika’s channels -

eg. Creyo store becoming a touch-point for the museum

 Design Development and Prototyping

¦ Spatial-planning that suits the chosen story-telling style and engages


¦ Visual Design of traveling exhibition conveying the context and reflecting the

history of the community

¦ Prototyping of different exhibits in preferable materials and technique

¦ Development of collaterals for multiple promotion channels

 Launch and Evaluation

¦ Plan and execute the pilot travel exhibitions in Hyderabad/Vizag

¦ Plan and execute field tours for interested consumers

¦ Develop a pilot engagement module for the community to engage with the

consumers in English

¦ Evaluate audience interaction and make a report on scope of improvement

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Chitrika Foundation
  • About Organization:At the core of each craft is the artisan. A craft survives and gets passed on to future generations only if the artisan thrives, not just survives. Our journey started with the idea of “working with the artisan”, with a firm belief that 'I am because you are'. Today, we have transformed into an institution that has demonstrated the inherent capacity of the artisans to become a key player in the craft economy when they are supported with the right skills and access to resources. Since 2005, we have been transforming craftspeople into community-builders and collective-entrepreneurs who can understand and interact with the market. We started our work with 10 weavers in the Khadi cluster villages near Ponduru, Andhra Pradesh in early 2006. Since then, with a small team of rural professionals mostly from weaver backgrounds, we have worked to train weavers in all aspects of running a successful business enterprise