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Communication & PR

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Job Description

Position Overview:

The Senior Manager - Communications plays a crucial role in leading and implementing the organization's communication strategies within their designated region. They are responsible for effectively promoting the organization's mission, initiatives, and impact through various communication channels. This position involves overseeing the communications team and collaborating with other departments to ensure cohesive messaging and brand consistency.


Core Roles and Responsibilities: 70%

Strategic Communication Planning:

·        Develop and implement national communication strategies aligned with the organization's overall goals and objectives.

·        Collaborate with International communications team to identify key target audiences and create tailored communication plans to engage stakeholders effectively.

·        Develop and operationalize team to ensure regional strategies align with the organization's brand identity and messaging.

Brand Management and Messaging:

·        Maintain brand consistency and ensure adherence to the organization's communication guidelines across all state initiatives and materials.

·        Oversee the creation of compelling and accurate messaging (includes but not limited to case stories, impact models, reports, and publications) that effectively communicates the organization's mission, impact, and values.

·        Monitor external communications to protect and enhance the organization's reputation and manage crisis communication when required.

Media and Public Relations:

·        Establish and maintain strong media relations within the country to maximize positive media coverage and secure media opportunities.

·        Coordinate and draft press releases, media kits, and other media materials to proactively share organization news and achievements.

·        Act as a spokesperson for the organization when needed and prepare staff members for media engagements.

Digital and Online Communications:

·        Collaborate with International communication team on the organization's digital communication efforts, including website content, social media channels, email marketing, and online campaigns.

·        Monitor social media trends and analytics to identify opportunities for engagement and brand awareness.

·        Leverage digital platforms to promote events, campaigns, and initiatives and engage with the organization's online community in collaboration with International team.

Internal Communication:

·        Implement internal communication strategies to ensure effective communication with staff and volunteers.

·        Facilitate cross-departmental communication and collaboration to ensure a unified approach to organizational messaging.

·        Create internal communication materials, such as newsletters, to keep staff informed about organizational updates and initiatives.

Partnership and Stakeholder Engagement:

·        Collaborate with regional partners, donors, and stakeholders to identify communication opportunities and build mutually beneficial relationships.

·        Represent the organization at regional events, conferences, and meetings to promote its mission and establish partnerships.

Team Leadership and Development:

·        Provide guidance and support to the regional communications team, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.

·        Conduct performance evaluations, set goals, and provide professional development opportunities to team members.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting:

·        Monitor the effectiveness of communication efforts, track key performance indicators, and use data to inform communication strategies.

·        Prepare regular reports on communication activities, achievements, and challenges to share with organizational leadership and stakeholders.

Link Responsibilities: 15%

·        Coordinate with other functions especially grant management and fund raising to ensure information flow regarding new trends on digital platforms related to social impact opportunities.

·        Inform all the related functions regarding ongoing trends on communication and brand building practices.

Systemic Responsibilities: 15%

·        Engage in upholding and strengthening the core values of the organisation, foster transparent and open feedback system.

·        Actively assist the leadership in fostering a work culture embedded in the core values in principles of the organisation.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate Profile: Apply here

Qualifications and Experience:

?     A master’s degree in mass communications, Management, Social Sciences or related discipline is preferred, with minimum 10 years of working experience in non profits.

?     Relevant certifications, such as in non-profit management, project management, or leadership will be an added advantage.

Skills and competencies:

?     Proven experience in effectively leading and managing teams, including staff and volunteers.

?      Ability to develop program strategies, set objectives, and ensure effective implementation and evaluation.

·        Strong networking and relationship-building skills to engage with stakeholders such as donors, partners, and community members.

·        Ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences, both orally and in writing.

·        Knowledge of design tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, etc. Efficient in using MS Office and Google workspace tools. Knowledge of editing software will be an added advantage.

·        Experience in cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with funders, government agencies, and other key stakeholders.

·        Knowledge of public relations, marketing, and advocacy strategies to promote the organization's mission and impact.

·        Ability to manage resources effectively, including financial, human, and material resources.

·        Ability to think strategically and contribute to the development and implementation of organizational strategies.

·        Proven track record in driving innovation, identifying opportunities for growth, and implementing change initiatives.

·        Knowledge of emerging trends, best practices, and advancements in the non-profit sector.

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - Post Graduate-Other

Qualifications and Experience:

?     A master’s degree in mass communications, Management, Social Sciences or related discipline is preferred, with minimum 10 years of working experience in non profits.

?     Relevant certifications, such as in non-profit management, project management, or leadership will be an added advantage.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Karuna-Shechen
  • About Organization:Organisational Profile: Karuna-Shechen is an international non-profit organisation working extensively in India and Nepal. The organisation acts and advocates for a more altruistic world catering to the needs of the most vulnerable population. In India we have been working in the areas of Health, Education, Environment, Food Security and Economic Development serving the needy population in the backward states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. We work to serve the remote communities while fostering supportive and a healthy work environment for our team members. To know more about us, please visit

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