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Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description


Assessing a patient’s mental health through interviews and conversations.

Using appropriate testing and evaluation methods to assess patients.

Developing and implementing a treatment plan, which may include therapeutic medications, counselling sessions, or other types of mental health care.

Diagnosing a patient’s mental and emotional issues.

Working closely with patients to develop a favorable treatment plan and goals.

Adjusting the treatment plan to find ways for method and patient improvement.

Educating the patient on coping strategies or stress-management techniques to handle stressful life situations

Keeping records of the patient’s treatment plan and progress.


Oral and written communication

Organizational skills

Time-management skills

Adaptability to different tasks

Knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders

Patience and empathy

Confidence and trustworthiness

Knowledge of current developments and research in mental health

Flexibility to work both in a team and individually.


(B.A./ B.Sc) in Psychology/ Clinical Psychology/ Counselling Psychology or any other similar subject.

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Peoples's Forum
  • About Organization:People’s Forum started its journey with community awareness & sensitisation programmes and mobilising resources for catering to the needs of different communities. And then the organization gradually engaged in enhancing livelihood, education, mental health and financial inclusions. It began with a major focus on women as a centre of development and gave much emphasis for the development of mentally ill women who are the most vulnerable and a relatively weaker section of the society. People’s Forum provided a platform to the communities whose voices remain unheard, rights ignored, and basic entitlements not accomplished. The focus also lies on mobilising youth and working towards people’s collectives to let them realize entitlements and enabling them to access basic developmental services. Over the course of time, as the development scenario changed, looking at the emergency needs of the people in difficulty, People's Forum started working in a strategic framework,

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