Several Position (Consultant/s) For Day Care Centre For Children With Special Need

Posted By: Barrackpore Divine Social Welfare Society


Junior Management

Policy & Advocacy


Job Description

1. Center Coordinator (1): This is a full time position ((Job code: DCC-CC) and S/he will be responsible for overseeing the operations and management of a specific center or facility. S/he will be responsible for Overall Management, Staff supervision, Program Development including curriculum, Parents/family communication, Resource Mobilization, Safety and Compliances, Liaison with the relevant stakeholders, Individual Care Plan, Developing Marketing strategy and organizing events.

Qualification: A bachelor's or master's degree in early childhood education, special education, child development, or a related field will be preferred. Prior experience working in a daycare or educational setting, especially with children with disabilities, is highly valuable

2. Special Educator (1): This is a full time position (Job code: DCC-SE) and S/he will be responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating individualized education programs (IEPs) for students with disabilities. They work closely with students, parents, other teachers, and support staff to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment that promotes academic and social development

Qualification: A bachelor's degree in special education, child development, or a related field will be preferred. Advance degrees or specialization in areas like autism spectrum disorders or behavior interventions will be added advantage. Prior experience working in a daycare or educational setting, especially with children with disabilities, is highly valuable.

3. Occupational Therapist (1): This is a part-time position (Job code: DCC-OT) and S/he will be responsible for supporting children of all ages improve their ability to perform everyday activities (occupations) and lead more fulfilling lives. S/he will also focus on enhancing a person's physical, cognitive, emotional, and social well-being to enable them to participate in activities that are meaningful and important. S/he will conduct assessment, individual treatment plan, therapeutic interventions, sensory integration, adaptive techniques, education and training, pediatric services, psychosocial support and proper documentation.

Qualification: Occupational Therapists should hold a bachelor’s/master's degree in occupational therapy. Should have proper state licensure to practice legally or certified by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT). Strong clinical assessment and intervention skills are essential to identify a client's needs and provide effective therapy

4. Child Psychologist (1): This is a part-time position (Job code: DCC-CP) and S/he will be specialized in understanding and addressing the emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs of children and adolescents.

S/he will be able to conduct Assessment- Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments to understand a child's emotional, cognitive, and behavioral functioning. This may involve standardized testing, interviews, observations, and gathering information from parents, teachers, and other caregivers. Diagnosis: Based on the assessment, child psychologists may diagnose and evaluate various mental health conditions or developmental disorders, such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, and learning disabilities. Able to prepare Treatment plan, Counseling/therapeutic plan, parental guidance, school consultation, crisis interventions and advocacy.

Qualification: Child psychologists typically hold a bachelor’s/master’s degree in psychology with specialized training in child and adolescent psychology with good empathy, patience, communication skills and ethical knowledge

5. Child Physiotherapist (1): This is a part-time position (Job code: DCC-Phys) and S/he will be responsible for providing physical therapy services to children, and adolescents. focus will be on promoting and improving the physical development, mobility, and functional abilities. Conduct assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, exercise, manual therapy, GAIT training, assistive devises, Parents and family education, sensory integration etc.

Qualification: Bachelor's or master's degree in physical therapy or a related field, with a focus on pediatric physical therapy. Practical experience and exposure through clinical internships or pediatric-specific training will be added advantage.

6. Marketing officer (2): This is a full time position (Job code: DCC-MO) and S/he should have deep understanding of marketing principles, out of box strategies, and tactics. These individuals have extensive knowledge and experience in promoting services, or ideas to target audiences effectively. Should have knowledge on developing and implementing marketing campaigns, analyzing data, and making strategic decisions to achieve social business goals. Able to do market research and analysis, strategic planning, campaigning, content creation/ digital marketing through social media

Location: Barrackpore, Kolkata, West Bengal

Eligibility Criteria

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Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Barrackpore Divine Social Welfare Society
  • About Organization:Barrackpore Divine Social Welfare Society (BDSWS) a newly formed NGO has setup a Day Care Centre for Children with special needs located in Barrackpore, 24 Parganas North as one of the core program. It is also referred as "special needs daycare" or "inclusive daycare," is a facility designed to provide care, support, and developmental opportunities for children who have various types of disabilities. It will be crucial in promoting the well-being and development of children with disabilities while allowing their parents or caregivers to work or attend to other responsibilities.