Community Coordinator

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Junior Management

Program Implementation

Child Care and Nutrition

Job Description


Ward level Child Protection Committees

• Formation and Management of Ward-wise Child Protection Committees:

• Organize and facilitate the establishment of ward-wise child protection committees in collaboration with local stakeholders.

• Conduct regular meetings and training sessions for committee members to enhance their understanding of child protection issues and develop their capacity to address them effectively.

• Support committee members in identifying and responding to child protection concerns within their respective wards.

• Collaborate with relevant authorities and organizations to ensure the committee's active participation in child protection initiatives.

Facilitation and Support for Women Self-Help Group Formation:

• Identify and engage with women within the community who are interested in forming self-help groups (SHGs).

• Provide guidance and support in the establishment and functioning of SHGs, including facilitating regular meetings and capacity-building activities.

• Assist SHGs in developing income-generating activities and accessing resources for their economic empowerment.

• Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to create opportunities for skill development and training for SHG members.

Prevention of Children Entering Railway Stations:

• Collaborate with local authorities, railway officials, and community members to raise awareness about the dangers of children entering railway stations unaccompanied.

• Conduct awareness campaigns and educational programs to inform children and their families about the risks and potential consequences.

• Develop strategies to identify vulnerable children and provide appropriate support and referrals to relevant services.

• Liaise with relevant stakeholders to ensure the implementation of safety measures and preventive interventions in and around railway stations.

Empowerment of Families and Parents in Child Protection:

• Conduct workshops and training sessions for parents and families to enhance their understanding of child protection rights and responsibilities.

• Provide guidance and support to families in developing nurturing and protective environments for children.

• Collaborate with local organizations and professionals to offer counselling and psychosocial support services to families in need.

• Promote community engagement and participation in child protection initiatives through the organization of awareness campaigns, community meetings, and events.

Qualification : Post graduation

Experience : Minimum 3 years work in the community / Ward level

Knowledge : Child Rights , Computer , Report writing in English & Hindi , Two wheeler driving , SHG , Child Protection initiatives

Location: Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Jeevodaya
  • About Organization:Organization Background Jeevodaya is a non-profit registered credible social development organization in Madhya Pradesh, started in 1999 with the passion of helping children who are living alone in and around railway stations focusing on the holistic development of children in need of care and protection, by providing food, shelter and education facilities by running quality Children Home for boys & Girls, 24x7 CHILDLINE1098 Service with strategies of Prevention, protection rehabilitation and reintegration of children, in collaboration with West Central Railway, duty bearers, stakeholders to implement Child Rights as per Juvenile Justice Act 2015. Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Jeevodaya model has replicated at Jabalpur, Katni, Khandwa and has developed a Standard Operating Procedure at several Railway stations. Jeevodaya is reaching out to thousands of children to live a dignified responsible citizenship by qualifying themselves in the field of Sports

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