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Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description

Job Purpose

The Programme Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of projects. They are also responsible for writing proposals for potential donors.

Reporting to: CEO

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Plan the projects:

• Define the scope of the project in collaboration with senior management

• Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the projects

• Determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc.) required to complete the projects

• Develop a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities

• Review the project schedule with senior management and all other staff that will be affected by the project activities; revise the schedule as required

• Determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion

Implement the project:

• Execute the projects according to the project plans

• Develop forms and records to document project activities

• Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured

• Monitor the progress of the project and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the successful completion of the projects

• Establish a communication schedule to update stakeholders including appropriate staff in the organization on the progress of the projects

• Review the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the project standards

Control the projects:

• Write reports on the projects for management and for funders

• Communicate with funders as outlined in funding agreements

• Monitor and approve all budgeted project expenditures

• Monitor cash flow projections and report actual cash flow and variance to senior management on a regular basis (monthly/bimonthly)

• Manage all project funds according to established accounting policies and procedures

• Ensure that all financial records for the projects are up to date

• Prepare financial reports and supporting documentation for funders as outlined in funding agreements

Evaluate the projects:

• Ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality

• Evaluate the outcomes of the projects as established during the planning phase

• Simple accounting

• Data base management

• Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques.

• Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.

• Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problem, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.

Staff the projects:

• In consultation with the CEO, recruit, interview and select staff and/or volunteers with appropriate skills for the project activities

• Manage project staff and/or volunteers according to the established policies and practices of the organization

• Ensure that personnel files are properly maintained and kept confidential

• Ensure that all project personnel receive an appropriate orientation to the organization and the project

• Contract qualified consultants to work on the project as appropriate


• Positively influence the team to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.

• Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organization.

• Organize: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details/data/information/activities.

• Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement actions plans, and evaluate the process and results.

• Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.

Project Proposals:

• Prepare fresh proposals for potential projects.

• Continuously be on the lookout for potential donors (traditional or CSR)

• Keep abreast with the changing times and scenarios to enable Charkha to bid for new projects in new geographies

• Look at possibilities of expanding Charkha’s horizons from just media advocacy to implementation and beyond


• Conduct editorial meetings with the editorial team to ensure the desired impact is achieved across all projects

• Provide inputs to the editorial team as and when required

• Give inputs to improve Charkha’s feature service


• Master's Degree: While a bachelor's degree is a minimum requirement, having a master's degree in a relevant field such as Project Management, Rural Development can be a strong asset.

Location: New Delhi, Delhi

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Charkha Development Communication Network
  • About Organization:Charkha works towards the social and economic inclusion of marginalized communities in remote and conflict areas through the creative use of media. Many of these areas are highly inaccessible and socially, economically and politically unstable. Charkha conducts five day skill building workshops for youth with each participant undergoing a cycle of three workshops; the first two workshops aim to train participants to report and write on local issues while the third builds their capacity to become social advocates. Founded in 1994 by the visionary social activist, Sanjoy Ghose, Charkha Development Communication Network is an innovative non-profit organization that works towards the social and economic inclusion of rural marginalized communities through the creative use of media. Rural marginalized communities often remain unheard and have little access to information that they can use to overcome their social and economic disadvantages. Charkha is committed to empowering these communitie

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