Patient Support Coordinator

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Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description


Patient Support Coordinator

About the role:

We seek a caring and culturally aware individual to join us as a Program Coordinator. Your

role is crucial in ensuring a positive patient and family experience. Your empathy and

understanding of patients’ needs will help shape a supportive environment for children and

families going through cancer treatment in our centres.

Established in 2013, we have been working with government and charity cancer hospitals,

enabling them with trained paediatric oncology nutritionists and food aid so that more

children may win the battle against cancer. We have our nutrition centres in 40 public

hospitals across 14 states and received the National Award for Child Welfare, 2015-16. We

aim to give every child fighting cancer in India a chance at a cure.


Patient Care and Navigation:

Ensure patients and their caregivers feel welcomed and supported in their cancer

journey as they are onboarded into our program.

Coordinate meetings between patients and our nutritionist/s.

Onboard and guide new patients and caregivers through our program individually.

Reach out to patients who missed nutrition appointments to help bring them back.

Assist in organising support group meetings, engaging activities and other events for

patients and families through the year.

Collaborate with hospital staff, nutritionists, and the programs team to meet patient


Ensure that the nutrition centre runs smoothly and all patient needs are met.

Aid & Vendor Management:

Connect with local vendors to secure aid like supplements and meals.

Manage aid delivery, ensuring quality and availability.

Coordinate with the procurement team, handle invoices and maintain aid stock


Cultivating Patient Advocates

Identify potential advocates among patients and families and onboard them.

Coordinate visits and photo/video shoots while ensuring patient comfort.


Warm, patient-oriented personality.

Fluent in the local language and familiar with community culture.

Passionate about social change and improving lives.

Graduate in any discipline. Having a Masters degree in Social Work is an added


1-2 years of experience in the social sector

Basic Excel skills for data entry.

Experience in community work or similar roles.

Comfortable using computers, email, phone, and WhatsApp. Owning a smartphone is

an advantage.


You function with awareness and humility.

You act with composure, awareness, humility and kindness. You always pay attention to

people, situations, and your environment. This allows you to find solutions and connect the

dots easily and quickly.

You are empathetic.

You can perceive and relate to the thoughts, emotions, or experiences of others. This allows

you to understand their needs and communicate effectively to meet them.

You have excellent listening skills.

You are a good listener, making even strangers feel comfortable around you. You can gain

their trust with your ability to give them your undivided attention and acknowledge their


You get things done.

You're good at making plans and following them through. You work hard and stay focused to

ensure things progress as planned.

Reporting Manager - The Nutritionist and Head of Program Coordinator

Compensation - Market

Location: Hospital

Location: Delhi, Delhi

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Cuddles Foundation
  • About Organization:40% of children with cancer in India are malnourished at the time of diagnosis. 100% of them can fight harder with better nutrition. That’s right, there’s hope for every child with cancer.

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