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Job Description

Key Roles: Reporting to the Board of Trustees, overall strategic and operational

responsibility for Solidarity Foundation (Personnel and Programmes). The role will also include leading expansion, innovation and execution of the organisation’s mission & vision.

Eligibility Criteria - Experience, Skills, Qualities

Minimum 12 years of proven leadership experience in the non-government sector, with a strong commitment to social justice and the rights of marginalised communities.

Minimum 7 years of experience in a leadership role, including experience in project management, grant management, funder management and research.

Ability to mobilise financial resources and secure funding for the organisation to implement its strategic plans effectively.

Excellent communication, relationship-building, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

A deep understanding of the issues affecting gender sexual minorities, sex workers, and PLHIV.

Ability to speak either Kannada or Tamil

Empathetic, fair, adaptable, a team player, someone who fosters leadership

Important: Fostering an inclusive culture where all stakeholders, including staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries, feel valued and respected. Ensure that the organisation’s programs and activities prioritise diversity and inclusivity. They are upholding transparency and accountability.

Detailed Terms of Reference for Executive Director

Organisational Governance:

Lead the growth of Solidarity Foundation rooted in the organisational mission, vision, and core values, with the support of the Board of Trustees and staff.

Work closely with the Leadership Committee and staff to ensure all processes and interventions at SF align with the organisation’s mission and vision.

Work closely with the current board of Trustees to choose and induct new Trustees, when needed, assist the Board in identifying and properly manage risks, support planning and evaluation meetings, and liaison between the board and staff.

Reporting to the Board of Trustees at regular intervals about the organisation’s programmes, interventions, innovations and fiscal status in order for the board to make informed decisions.

Work closely with the organisation’s Leadership Committee and experts in

developing, periodically reviewing and updating SF policies.

Primary signatory for all organisation statutory and financial documents, including, but not limited to - contracts, agreements and reports.

Troubleshooting across the organisation in governance, financial

performance, operations, personnel management, personnel welfare, and networking.

Financial Responsibilities:

Primary responsibility of sustaining the good financial health of the organisation, along with the Finance Lead, while maintaining the fiscal integrity of the Foundation.

Work closely with the Leadership Committee to mobilise diverse financial resources, including but not limited to programmes as well as organisational grants.

Work closely with the Finance Lead on developing the organisation’s annual budget, ensuring strategic allocation and utilisation of funds.

Organisation Operations and Staff Welfare:

Supervising and guiding Thematic Leads, Financial teams and Admin teams in utilising resources in an appropriate manner

Responsible for the hiring, retention, and exit processes of staff.

Finalise staff salaries, increments and benefits as per organisation policies.

Management and ensuring periodic rotation of the organisation’s grievance redressal

and internal complaints committees.

Work closely with the staff representative to ensure the welfare of staff members, redressal of grievances and resolution of conflicts.

Programmatic Development and Team Mentorship:

Provide strategic guidance and support to thematic leads and teams in building

relevant programmatic interventions

Lead and mentor the Leadership Committee and Thematic and Operational Leads in

ensuring growth and innovations within the organisation

Lead and provide strategic guidance in research projects within the organisation

including setting up research protocols, and an ethics committee.

Oversee organisational Monitoring, Evaluation and Learnings (MEaL) processes and systems.

Networking and Building Relationships

Proactively seek, cultivate and strengthen relationships with diverse stakeholders –funders, experts, other NGOs, CBOs, companies, progressive movements, alliances, and networks, among others.

Ensure and support teams in effective communication of the organisation’s brand, achievements, and challenges faced by SF’s communities.

Remuneration and Application Process:

The remuneration for the role of Executive Director is between INR 1,00,000 to INR 1,30,000 CTC, depending on the skills and expertise of the applicants.

Please submit your resume and a cover letter demonstrating your ability to fulfil the responsibilities and play the role outlined in the job description.

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Solidarity Foundation
  • About Organization:We are a registered trust based in India supporting sex workers, gender and sexual minorities. We do this through institutional strengthening, leadership building, livelihood and wellbeing initiatives, and spotlighting overlooked issues. We are unique because we are part of the movements that we now are supporting. We work on issues of sexuality that currently receive little focus from funders. We complement the work of individual donors and large foundations by reaching out to grassroots organisations and activists and offering them close support to develop their campaigns and projects. We operate on a national scale and know the big picture, but are also linked to grassroots groups. We work on the frontlines of social change and help grassroots leaders connect their own issues with the concerns of other movements. We focus our efforts on South India where our team has had years of experience. We also plan to expand our work to other states where a strong need for such an initiative

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