Fundraising Associate

Posted By: Spina Bifida Management


Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description

Formulate fundraising strategy and execute on it.

Initiate fundraising campaigns and conversations with individuals (HNIs), philanthropic organizations and family foundations, corporates (CSRs).

Arrange and lead meetings to generate funding and form long-term partnerships.

Write fundraising proposals for funding award applications and apply to grants timely.

Maintain strong relationships with existing and new key funders and stakeholders. This includes but is not limited to, managing the newsletters, individual check-ins, leading presentations and follow-up calls.

Maintain database and background on current and potential funders, stakeholders and partners.

Other Responsibilities:

Creating and maintaining a database of donor leads and prospective donors.

Maintaining relationships with recurring donors to meet fundraising goals. This includes mapping, screening and research of new fundraising prospects through online and offline networking

Leading and operationalizing donor engagement strategy to drive measurable achievements of fundraising strategy and administer strategy updates for dynamic project needs.

Leading donor interactions and identifying funding opportunities. Based on creating and ensuring implementation of work plans inclusive of designing and writing materials for communications with different prospective donors and channels.

Assisting with the proposal development. This involves creating budget plans, presentations and coordinating with project leaders.

Assisting with mobilization of non-financial resources from private sector entities, individuals and corporate agencies.

Ensuring fundraising content is updated on the website and social media.

Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on effectiveness of individual fundraising initiatives and campaigns.

Maintaining professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops and reviewing research publications.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Spina Bifida Management
  • About Organization:Most babies with myelomeningocele need surgery to place a tube that allows fluid in the brain to drain into another part of the body. The tube is called a ventricular shunt. It may be placed just after birth, during the surgery to close the sac on the back. Or it may be placed later as fluid builds up.

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