Competency Based Education Trainer

Posted By: Ennoble Social Innovation Foundation

Navi Mumbai

Junior Management


Social Entrepreneurship

Job Description

Key Responsibilities: 

·        Conduct teachers' training programs to enhance & deliver competency Based Education in Government schools.

·        Develop and implement baseline and endline assessments to measure the growth and progress of teachers and students.

·        Implement school-wise, teacher-wise, and student progress assessment tracking systems to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

·        Ensure that teachers consistently update and maintain accurate data in the Competency Tracking App.

·        Provide guidance and support to teachers in effectively utilizing competency-based instructional strategies and approaches.

·        Plan, coordinate, and execute teachers' training programs, 

·        Scheduling sessions in discussion with the Department Coordinator about the school visits. 

·        Collaborate with the Department Coordinator to ensure alignment of assessment & Classroom Practices practices & updating it to the Department.

·        Analyze the reports generated from the Competency Tracking App to identify strengths, and areas for improvement.

·        Monitor the implementation of training programs, evaluate their effectiveness, and make necessary adjustments for continuous improvement.

·        Updating about the progress & impact of Program to the Department/Stakeholders and also meeting them for getting permissions related to Teacher’s Training,Assessment,etc… 

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements and Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of competency-based education principles and practices.
  • Passionate about working in government schools with teachers and students
  • In-depth understanding of curriculum development for competency-based education

·        Proficient in using MS Word,Excel,Powerpoint,etc..

·        Strong oral and written communication skills in Hindi and Marathi, and reasonable proficiency in English.

·        Exceptional time management, organizational, and multitasking abilities.

·        Detail-oriented with strong problem-solving skills.

·        Ability to facilitate training sessions and convey complex concepts effectively.

·        Familiarity with education systems and competency-based education principles.

·        Knowledge of data management and database systems.

·        Tracking the progress of the program and sharing regular updates to CEO


Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - M.Ed

We are seeking a highly motivated,confident,Matured & skilled individual to join our organization as a Program Coordinator. In this role, you will be responsible for coordinating,Monitoring, Evaluating and overseeing various program activities, including conducting teacher training for the implementation of competency-based education, meetings with government officials, creating proposals, documentation, and updating project outcomes to the CEO. You will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success and impact of our programs.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Ennoble Social Innovation Foundation
  • About Organization:Ennoble Social Innovation Foundation is focused on transforming the government school landscape of India Ennoble is a Sec 8 Non-profit focused on creating conducive learning ecosystems in Indian government schools and making them the favored choice of the community. Our holistic program incorporates School infrastructure revamp along with teacher capacity building to deliver Competency-based Education. We have partnered with notable organizations like Mahindra, Dabur, Glenmark, Wabtec, Societe Generale, GMR, and more across 6 states and 2 UT's in India to drive meaningful change in the lives of students and communities. Ennoble, marked by its innovation in Education, has gained recognition on a national and international level such as the Top 24 Startup - Maharashtra State Innovation Award, Cemex-Tec Social Entrepreneurship Award- Mexico, Infosys Foundation - Aarohan Innovation Award and many more.

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