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Junior Management

Program Implementation

Public Health/WASH

Job Description

Qualification : MSW and Basic knowledge of computer

Payment : Rs. 16000/- per month and railway pass. After 3 months eligible for EPF.

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As Counselor, your duties and responsibilities shall be the following:

1. The Counselor is responsible for taking individual and group sessions on topics beneficial to

Key Population (KP)

2. The Counselor also shall engage with families of KPs wherever possible.

3. The Counselor shall also be responsible for motivating the clients to come to the Drop in

Centre and seek further services

4. In addition, he shall develop materials suitable for local context of KPs

5. The Counselor would be responsible for identifying individual or group motivators or

inhibitors which require to be addressed for health seeking behaviours, safe sexual practices,

addressing issues related to self-esteem, livelihood etc.

6. The Counselor in coordination with Project Manager will be responsible for management of

clinics especially record keeping, management of the patient flow and dispensing of


7. The Counselor in coordination with Project Manager will identify hotspots or sites with low

service uptake, increasing defaulters and preparing outreach and visit plans for service


8. The Counselor along with Program Manager will participate in stakeholder meeting and

would prepare a stakeholder engagement plan to ensure that the issues related to BCC and

service uptake is associated.

9. The Counselor to travel to the project area for providing services in the field and should visit

the field atleast 10-15 days in a month.

10. The Counselor shall also engage with providers of social welfare services and facilitate

linkage with social welfare services.

Location: Masjid Bandar, Maharashtra

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust
  • About Organization:Sankalp Rehabilitation Trust is a Mumbai-based NGO that works with the injecting drug using community since 1995, preventing HIV/AIDS through education and needle-exchange programme & disposals. Using a harm reduction approach, they provide services such as abscess management, basic medical care, counseling, and opioid substitution therapy to their clients. In 2008, Sankalp received the Red Ribbon Award from UNAIDS for their efforts.

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