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Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description

Program Manager.

Summary of Key Functions:

The FORW will be responsible for overall planning of service delivery at the field for behaviour change or service uptake. With Peer Educators and FORW has to plan, counselling sessions by counsellor, clinic services by visiting physician or preferred providers, advocacy and networking with stakeholders. Supporting the peer educators and facilitating their work for efficient and effective coverage of HRGs. Maintenance of records of the outreach team and report to the project. Rapport building with the target population and mobilise them for various services. Work with M&E assistant for data recording. Ensure field training of PEs.

Duties and Responsibilities: will be responsible for performing the following functions:

Planning and Management

1. The FORW will responsible for preparing micro-plans for each hotspot, monitoring the implementation of the plans and review of the plans.

2. Facilitate and build capacity of the peer educators to implement the outreach activities as per the required norms of the project.

3. Ensure micro plans and line listing is updated on quarterly basis and the same is shared with project for HRGs and in case of migrants and truckers the micro plan and site assessment is completed every quarter.

4. Prepare monthly action plan for each hotspot, ensure supply of needles/syringes, condoms, lubricants, BCC materials adequately for each hotspot.

5. Should discuss with the counsellor on a monthly basis to understand the hotspots or sites with poor service uptake, increasing number of due and overdue so that necessary follow up and micro plans can be updated.

6. Should discuss with the community members and other stakeholders in preparing micro plan ensuring that field level support is ensured for smooth implementation of the project.

7. The FORW will identify potential volunteers and would use their services for the programme. In case of truckers and migrants, brokers may be used. Competent volunteers fulfilling necessary criteria may be engaged as peer educators after complying necessary guidelines.

Supervision and Monitoring:

1. The FORW will be In-charge of outreach and supportive supervision of PEs, counselling, linkages etc.

2. Should ensure at least 20 days of field visits in a month to assigned areas and to the nearest preferred providers, ICTCs/FICTCs where the referrals are made.

3. FORW will ensure preparation of micro plans, risk & vulnerability analysis, stakeholder analysis in coordination with PE and Project Manager / MEA officer.

4. Should ensure weekly peer diaries are maintained, monthly report collection from PEs, submission of own reports to the project office.

5. Should facilitate the crisis response activities.

6. Ensure all new contacts of each peer educators should be covered by him/her.

7. In addition to the regular FORW activities, the Female FORW should focussed on FIDU and FRSP in referral and providing services to them.

Advocacy and Networking

1. The FORW will be In-charge of stakeholder management to discuss and rope in support of the stakeholders in smooth implementation of the programme in the area.

2. The FORW will be working with various power structures within and outside the community and would ensure their effective participation in the programme.

3. The FORW will identify and use preferred providers for delivering the project services after due training by SACS or DAPCU or TSU.

Commodity Supplies and Management

1. The FORW will be responsible for demand analysis of condoms, needles and syringes, lubes in the field and would ensure distribution by the peers or through social marketing outlets in the field.

2. The FORW will maintain records of free condoms or needles and syringes or lubes received from the project and distributed by self or peer educators or out lets.

3. Identify and manage condom social marketing outlets as per the guidelines.

4. Ensure supply and management of IEC materials for use in the outreach sessio

Location: Roorkee, Uttarakhand

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

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