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Job Description

1. Improving Agricultural Practices: Numan Agri Foundation works to enhance agricultural productivity by promoting modern farming techniques, efficient water management, soil conservation methods, and the use of sustainable farming practices.

2. Empowering Farmers: The foundation focuses on empowering farmers with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to improve their livelihoods. This may involve providing training programs, access to agricultural inputs, and financial support.

3. Promoting Food Security: Numan Agri Foundation is committed to ensuring food security by increasing agricultural productivity, promoting diversified cropping systems, and supporting smallholder farmers in producing nutritious crops.

4. Community Development: The foundation often engages in community development initiatives aimed at improving the overall well-being of rural communities. This may include projects related to education, healthcare, infrastructure development, and women's empowerment.

5. Environmental Conservation: Numan Agri Foundation recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability in agriculture and undertakes initiatives to promote conservation practices, biodiversity protection, and climate-smart farming techniques.

6. Research and Innovation: The foundation may invest in research and innovation to develop new technologies, practices, and solutions that address the evolving needs and challenges of the agricultural sector.

7. Partnerships and Collaboration: Numan Agri Foundation typically collaborates with government agencies, NGOs, research institutions, and other stakeholders to leverage resources, expertise, and networks for greater impact.

Through its diverse range of programs and initiatives, Numan Agri Foundation strives to contribute to the advancement of agriculture, rural development, and food security, ultimately improving the lives of farmers and communities in the regions it serves.

Post Name: Program Officer-Agriculture

As a program officer-agriculture responsibilities

1. Project Planning: Work with stakeholders to develop project plans that align with organizational goals and objectives. This involves assessing needs, setting objectives, and establishing timelines and budgets.

2. Resource Allocation: Allocate resources effectively, including budget, personnel, and materials, to ensure the successful implementation of agricultural programs.

3. Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with farmers, government agencies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to gather input, build partnerships, and ensure community involvement in agricultural initiatives.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation: Develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track the progress and impact of agricultural programs. Collect data, analyze results, and make recommendations for improvement.

5. Technical Assistance: Provide technical guidance and support to farmers and project staff on best practices in agriculture, including crop management, irrigation techniques, pest control, and soil conservation.

6. Capacity Building: Organize training sessions, workshops, and demonstrations to build the capacity of farmers and local partners in agricultural techniques, business skills, and sustainable practices.

7. Financial Management: Oversee the financial aspects of projects, including budgeting, expense tracking, and financial reporting. Ensure compliance with funding requirements and donor regulations.

8. Risk Management: Identify potential risks to project success and develop strategies to mitigate them. This includes addressing challenges related to weather, market fluctuations, and regulatory issues.

9. Documentation and Reporting: Maintain accurate records of project activities, expenditures, and outcomes. Prepare regular progress reports for donors, partners, and internal stakeholders.

10. Advocacy and Communication: Advocate for policies and practices that support sustainable agriculture and food security. Communicate project achievements and lessons learned through various channels, including reports, presentations, and social media.

Educational Qualification: Master Degree Agriculture( Plant Pathology/Entomology)

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Location: Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Nurman Agri Foundation
  • About Organization:National Agro Foundation (NAF) was set up as a Public Charitable Trust in 2000 by Mr. C Subramaniam, (Architect of India's Green Revolution and Bharat Ratna Awardee) to usher in rural revolution with special focus on agriculture and small and marginal farmers as well as to bring about inclusive growth. Having been the architect of India's Green Revolution with a "Seed to Grain" approach, Mr Subramaniam envisioned NAF for economic and social development of farmers with a "Soil to Market" approach on a sustainable basis. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India succeeded Mr Subramaniam and guided NAF as the Chairman of its Governing Council till he became the President of India.

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