Project Officer

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Junior Management

Program Implementation

Public Health/WASH

Job Description

Vacancy - 3

Education - MSW / Psychologist / BSW

Experience - Working with cancer patients / Hospital / Health care

Priority - Mumbai based and those who can immediately join

Job Profile:

The PROJECT OFFICER will be the face of Karo Trust to manifest its care

and concern to the poor and needy sections of society and in this role, the

PROJECT OFFICER will need to have an empathetic, helpful and caring

approach in dealing with patients, relatives, and the community at large.

He/she will be the vital link between Karo Trust and the patients in need of

financial and emotional assistance in the face of life-threatening illnesses,

primarily those suffering from cancer. He/She will be required to provide

moral support to the patient and family during, pre, and posthospitalization. In keeping with the Trust’s motive of providing quality treatment, the PROJECT OFFICER with the approval of the Trustees will collaborate with other Trusts and NGOs for garnering funds in case of complex cases requiring enormous funding.

He/she will also create useful networks and liaison on behalf of the Trust,

with hospital authorities, hospital social workers, doctors, low-income

group schools, government agencies, NGOs, and any other individual or

organization, in an endeavor to provide holistic care to persons/communities that fall within the criteria approved by the Trustees.

Detailed Job Description of Karo’s PROJECT OFFICER

Humanitarian Service – Hospitals

• Interacting with PROJECT OFFICERs of specified hospitals for

identifying patients who fall within the filters approved by the

Trustees and who are in need of financial help.

• Interacting with respect and empathy with patients and their

relatives who may approach the Trust for financial assistance and

extending all help as approved by the Trustees.

• Communicating and collecting from patients or their relatives, the

documents that will be required for extending financial help as

specified in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

• Visiting patients’ homes to determine their financial condition in

order to ensure that help is extended to the poor and needy sections

of society and additionally to build a bond with the patient and the

family. Taking photographs with the patients that can be used on

the website and Facebook page and taking patients' and relatives'

approval for the same.

• Providing assistance to help patients fill out forms that may be

required by the Trust or hospital.

• Collecting from the PROJECT OFFICERs of specified hospitals,

documents like appeal letter, the medical certificate as stated in the

SOP for providing financial assistance to fund patient’s treatment.

• Discussing the case with the Founding Members, Trustees, and/or

Personnel authorized by the Trustees; filling out Karo’s approval

letter; obtaining Trustees’ authorization and submitting it to the

concerned hospital.

• Providing all assistance to patients for obtaining bed in hospital,

visiting him/her while in hospital and liaison with hospital

authorities, doctors, PROJECT OFFICERs, etc. to assist patient

wherever possible.

• Collecting Hospital’s request letter when funds are needed for

patients’ treatment, submitting the same to Karo’s Accounts

department for the issue of cheque, submitting cheque along with

covering letter to the concerned hospital and collecting 80 G tax

exemption receipt from the hospital on submission of the cheque.

• Follow-up on patient’s treatment by making post-care home visits

and calls to ensure holistic healing and build a bond with the

patients and their families until treatment is completed. This

includes giving appropriate gifts of fruits, toys, etc. that will help the

patient’s well-being, as approved by the Trustees.

• Maintaining patient-wise files ensuring all documents are

appropriately filed until Karo’s role is completed and indicating that

the file is closed thereafter.

• Taking testimonials from the patient along with their signed

approval for Karo to display the same along with the photographs on

their website, Facebook page and other forums.

• Giving a daily update of activities done and patients’ treatment,

funding, approvals etc. to the Founding Member on the group


• Updating the Summary Sheet, Call Logs, Monthly Control Sheet, and

Monthly Expenses Sheet.

• Attending weekly meetings with the Trustees and Founding

Members for presenting patient updates, taking sanctions for

funding and expenses, putting forward program and activity plans

for approval.


• Maintaining files for proper documentation.

• Assisting in fundraising activities of the Trust.

• Maintaining a database of all network contacts and partnering


Shortlisted candidates will be contacted over call or email.

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Location: Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Karo Trust
  • About Organization:Karo was founded in 2014 in memory of Karan Malhotra. Karan was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, an agressive form of bone and soft tissue cancer. While he was undergoing treatment, Karan became particularly sensitised to the realities of this disease and the mental and physical trauma that comes with it. He wondered how patients from less fortunate backgrounds churned out the many resources required for such treatments. His own journey forged in him a desire to provide quality and holistic healthcare to the less fortunate, especially children, teenagers and young adults.

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