Lead Trainer - Disability And Child Protection

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Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Training Development: Design and develop training programs focused on disability awareness, child protection, and relevant issues for children living on the streets.

2. Training Delivery: Conduct training sessions for various stakeholders such as social workers, law enforcement, educators, and community members to raise awareness and enhance their understanding of disabilities and child protection in the context of street-connected children.

3. Capacity Building: Provide support and guidance to organizations and individuals working with street-connected children to build their capacity in effectively addressing the needs of children with disabilities.

4. Collaboration: Foster partnerships with community-based organizations to ensure a holistic approach to addressing the needs of street-connected children with disabilities

5. Monitoring and Evaluation: Develop mechanisms to monitor the effectiveness of training programs and interventions, and evaluate their impact on the well-being of street-connected children with disabilities.


• Bachelor's or Master's degree in social work, child rights, disability studies, or a related field.

• Proven experience in designing, delivering, and evaluating training programs, preferably on topics related to child protection.

• Experience working with children living in shelter homes, children living on streets as well as with professionals in relevant sectors (e.g., education, social services, health care).

• Commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and a demonstrated understanding of intersectional approaches to addressing systemic barriers.

• Proficiency in relevant software and technology for developing training materials and delivering virtual sessions.

As a lead disability trainer focusing on disability and child protection for children living on the streets, your role is pivotal in ensuring that these vulnerable children receive the support, protection, and opportunities they need to thrive despite the challenges they face.

Location: Delhi (with travel within Delhi, Jaipur and Kathmandu)

Application Instructions: To apply, please submit a resume/CV and cover letter outlining your relevant experience and qualifications for the role.

ASTHA is an equal opportunity employer & encourages person with disabilities & their families qualifying above requirements for employment.

Contact us at: email: aarthindia@gmail.com, mob: 011-26449026/011-26466251

Location: Delhi (With Travel Within Delhi, Jaipur And Kathmandu), Delhi

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Astha
  • About Organization:Interventions for holistic growth of a child need to be at multiple levels. Following a multi dimensional approach the child is at the epicentre of ASTHA’s work, followed by intensive work with family, community, support systems and finally linking grassroots evidence to policy level platforms.

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