Fundraising Manager

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Senior Mgt (VP, CxO, Program Director)

Resource Mobilization & Investor Relations

Corporate (for Profit)

Job Description

Role Overview:

The Fundraising Manager at [Name of NGO] is responsible for developing and implementing fundraising strategies to secure financial support for the organization's programs and initiatives. This role involves cultivating relationships with donors, identifying funding opportunities, and overseeing fundraising campaigns and events. The Fundraising Manager will work closely with internal teams to ensure alignment with organizational goals and objectives.

Key Responsibilities:

Fundraising Strategy: Develop and execute comprehensive fundraising strategies to meet annual revenue targets and sustain organizational growth. Identify and prioritize funding opportunities, including grants, corporate sponsorships, individual donations, and special events. Donor Engagement: Cultivate and maintain relationships with current and prospective donors, including individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies. Develop personalized stewardship plans to engage donors and build long-term partnerships. Coordinate donor meetings, site visits, and presentations to communicate the impact of contributions. Grant Writing and Management: Research and identify potential grant opportunities aligned with the organization's mission and programs. Prepare compelling grant proposals, budgets, and supporting documents in collaboration with program staff. Manage grant reporting requirements and ensure compliance with funder guidelines and deadlines. Fundraising Campaigns and Events: Plan, coordinate, and execute fundraising campaigns, events, and appeals to attract new donors and engage existing supporters. Collaborate with marketing and communications teams to develop promotional materials and messaging for fundraising initiatives. Evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising activities and adjust strategies as needed to optimize results. Budgeting and Financial Management: Develop and monitor fundraising budgets, forecasts, and financial reports to track revenue and expenses. Ensure accurate recording and reporting of donations, grants, and other revenue streams in compliance with accounting standards and regulations. Team Collaboration: Collaborate with program staff, senior management, and board members to align fundraising efforts with organizational priorities and initiatives. Provide support and guidance to colleagues involved in fundraising activities, including training and capacity building as needed.

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