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Junior Management

Program Implementation


Job Description

Gram Utthan (GU) is a social organization that was established in 1990 with the aim of

fostering sustainable livelihoods through the management of natural resources, climatesmart agriculture, biodiversity conservation, fishery development, Skill development

improved livestock rearing, promotion of bio secure villages For the past 33 years, we

have been dedicated to working in Odisha and other state of India. Particularly for the

betterment of Poorest to poor, downtrodden community of the society, addressing issues

such as livelihood challenges, chronic and endemic hunger, malnutrition, and infant


At GRAM-UTTHAN, we have been actively involved in reviving indigenous technology

and knowledge, engaging in participatory conservation and biodiversity management in

protected areas, integrating on climate resilience agriculture and development strategies

with climate change adaptation to rehabilitate degraded soils, promoting social


One of our primary objectives is to uplift small and marginal farmers, who play a crucial

role in producing our food. To achieve this, we associate with three Implementing

Agency Namely SFAC, NABARD and NCDC and we have formed 46 number of farmers

Producer Company Limited that assist us in aggregating products, thereby generating

better prices for both ends of the value chain.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a more equitable and sustainable

society, and we are grateful for your support as we strive to achieve these goals.

1. CEO ( 3 Posts)

Job Description

You shall involve the Board of Directors in constructive manner for development.

You shall ensure all the legal compliance to ROC, Financial Compliance to CBBO & IA.

You shall keep update all books of records like membership profile, minutes of meeting, shareholder

register, issue of share certificate, books of accounts and all bill & vouchers of company in time.

You shall explore marketing sources / opportunities of procurement & supply of inputs as per the

requirement of farmers.

You shall look after the business turn over through establishing demand value chain and avoid distress

sale of farmers.

You must facilitate the members for availing support from various Central/State Govt. schemes by

registering and applying through Govt. Portal.

You will serve two months prior notice before your resignation and complete all legal and financial

formalities and also hand over in appropriate process.

You shall sincerely carry out all the activities as per need of the supporting projects implemented by

Gram-Utthan for development of FPO and the farmers as well.

You shall prepare Monthly Progress Report (MPR), Action Plan & Monthly Financial Report (MFR)

with Bank Statement must be collected from bank and send to CBBO.

2. CBBO Management Executive: ( 2 Posts)

Role and Responsibilities

As the CBBO team Management executive’s responsibility is to promote and establish

the Farmers Producer Organization (FPO), Fish Farmers Producer Organisation (FFPO)

in different districts of Odisha. You will play a crucial role in setting up the necessary

systems and processes for internal governance and management, production, marketing,

and statutory compliance. The objective is to ensure the sustainability of the FPO/FFPO

and provide significant benefits to its members. Your specific tasks and responsibilities


1. Generating awareness, mobilizing farmers, and organizing the incorporation of the


2. Establishing systems and processes for updating Management Information Systems

(MIS) and accounts, conducting statutory audits, and managing finances.

3. Facilitating processes and developing systems for regular board meetings, ensuring

statutory compliance, and following best practices for governance procedures.

4. Developing a comprehensive business development proposal and detailed roadmaps

for the FPO/FFPO, including financial linkages.

5. Building strong linkages with stakeholders relevant to the FPO ecosystem.

6. Ensuring that local productivity standards are achieved by the farmers.

7. Setting up systems for input procurement and distribution, output aggregation, and

providing training to farmers on primary processing techniques such as grading, sorting,

and packaging. Additionally, establishing market linkages for inputs and outputs, and

connecting with minimum support price and insurance programs.

8. Presenting the progress of the FPO/FFPO in relevant forums.

9. Coordinating with other team members involved in the supply chain.

10. Generating monthly, quarterly, and annual reports on sales, stocks, and indents.

11. Organizing and participating in exhibitions to showcase the FPO's products.

12. Working closely with the quality expert under the supervision of the Project Manager

to ensure adherence to quality standards.

13. Building the knowledge and skills of the FPO board members.

14. Undertaking any other responsibilities deemed necessary for the successful

Location: Bhubaneswar/Kendrapara

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Gram-Utthan
  • About Organization:Gram-Utthan (GU) which means ‘Raising of Village’ is a non-profit, secular organization working for the Poorest of the Poor (POP) in 11 districts of Odisha state, India. GU, as a Non- Governmental Development Organization (NGDO), was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. Gram-Utthan as a formal organization works with marginalized and underprivileged section of rural population with a special emphasis to women, children, vulnerable and unskilled youth, socio-economically backward groups such as tribal, farmers, people coming under below poverty line category and other poor groups to better their own lives through sustainable livelihood development, promotion of microenterprise, financial inclusion, portability of entitlements, addressing issues related to climate change, accessing safe drinking water and sanitation, skills for life etc. Our participatory process motivates our primary stakeholders to work together to fight poverty, exploitation and discrimination

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