Programme Director –Natural Resource Management

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Senior Mgt (VP, CxO, Program Director)

Programme Execution/Management

Livelihood/Skills Development

Job Description

1. Thematic Responsibilities

a) Facilitate the Natural Resource Management (NRM) Programme through Thematic Programme Executives (TPEs).

b) Build capacity of Natural Resource Management (NRM) staff.

c) Develop new project ideas, Concept Notes and proposals on Natural Resource Management (NRM) and NRM based livelihood.

d) Ensure the quality of  Natural Resource Management projects through Thematic Programme Executives and respective project leaders.

e) Introduce the Geographical Information System (GIS) based project monitoring system for all watershed and watershed resource development (WRD) based projects using open source GIS software and geo-tagging the structures.

f) Establish linkages with institutions related to NRM.

g) Prepare research agenda and facilitate applied research  in NRM

h) Take on multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional thematic role

i) Technical support  to and responsibility for multiple programmes.

j) Undertake studies on topics of National importance and present the same in EC meetings and publish the same.

k) Represent the organisation at national forums, organise workshops/seminars.

l) Monitor & evaluate programmes and mentor programmes.

m) Comply with statutory requirements, prepare Research Agreements /refine Research Agreements / MoUs prepared by juniors as needed.

n) Tap  sources for raising funds to take the research programme forward.

2. Resource Mobilization and Management

a) Oversee project/programme funding sources and trends with foresight, to help position the organization ahead of major funding changes or trends.

b) Ensure nurturing and effective performance of programme team members.

c) Liaison

d) Regular communication with line department at State and GOI ministries, national institutes, corporate sponsors, other stakeholders, peer organizations in the sector and the like.

e)Track State level government policies and advise management and State teams.

f) Liaise with stake holders for fund raising, seeking new projects, for release of funds or growth of the organization.

3. Other

a) Ensure appropriate programme documentation and publication.

b) Ensure finance management and statutory / sponsor compliances.

c) Any other assigned responsibilities.

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - ME/M.Tech

He/She should have more than 15 years of experience in Natural Resource Management projects, especially in NRM or watershed development project proposal development, project implementation, team management and liaison.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:BAIF Development Research Foundation
  • About Organization:

    BAIF Development Research Foundation is a reputed voluntary organisation established in 1967 by Dr. Manibhai Desai, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, at Urulikanchan, near Pune to promote sustainable livelihood in Rural India. 

    BAIF is committed to provide sustainable livelihood to the rural poor through climate-resilient agriculture, management of natural resources, livestock development, watershed development and agri-horti-forestry as major income generation activities. BAIF has evolved innovative models of micro-enterprises to ensure inclusive development through dairy husbandry, goat production, agri-horti-forestry and sustainable agricultural production for food security and poverty alleviation. Formation of Producers' Groups, Empowerment of women and environmental sustainability cut across all these programmes.

    For more information please visit BAIF