Lead – Civil Society Advisory and Partnerships

Posted By: Charities Aid Foundation India

New Delhi

Middle Mgt (Regional/ Zonal Manager, AVP, State /Regional Head)

Resource mobilization/Fund Raising

Social Sector

Job Description

The incumbent will have the following mandates to follow: -

To enhance CAF India’s Civil Society Impact Network and promote and support NGO’s credibility and capabilities.

Establish and nurture a vibrant CAF India Civil Society Impact Network (CSIN) across regions.

Identify and build partnerships with civil societies groups, both locally and nationally, with the aim to create a platform for advocacy and innovative project development.

Increase the number of CAF India civil society footprint across Pan India – national, regional and local NGOs.

Serve as the focal point for interaction and coordination with and engagement of local and national CSOs and NGOs.

Attain CAF India memberships on global civil society and philanthropy networks across the Globe especially South Asia.

Increase the outreach and registration of NGOs on the online CAF India NGO portal.

Facilitate the establishment of partnership and engagement with identified CSOs and NGOs.

Strengthen the ongoing CAF India NGO due diligence process

Identify global and national NGO/Philanthropy networks for expansion of CAF India potential civil society partnerships.

Collaborate with peer network civil society organizations across pan India on diverse platforms.

Lead on outreach to civil society non validated partners to inform them about CAF India’s ongoing initiatives on expanding civil society network and encourage NGOs to join/participate in the network.

Maintain good working relations with key regional coalitions/networks, as well as international actors in the region (e.g. funders, multi-laterals) to coordinate on CAF India civil society support efforts.

To formulate and effective implement strategic advisory services for NGOs

2.1 Internal Advisory Initiatives

Develop and implement strategies for partnership and engagement with NGO/civil society organizaions.

Regularly anchor and moderate the Grantee Selection Committee. Meeting and processes such as SOP, process document and collate regular inputs.

Build essential SOP for NGO selection from the established network on programme development and implementation.

To build in and establish effective knowledge management of the unit in the form of MIS for overall functioning and management.

External Advisory Initiatives

Develop key ongoing NGO partnerships to support advocacy based practice to policy strategies that accelerates CAF India’s civil society outreach.

Develop essential proposals to secure key funding/impact investments for the growth & overall self-sustenance of the unit.

Develop learning resources, public articles, blogs, reports for public dissemination on civil society and development discourse.

To Initiate CAF India Flagship Civil Society Initiatives

Devise and initiate flagship innovative CAF India civil society flagship engagements.

Launch co creating dialogue spaces with NGOs through, organizing consultations, workshops, knowledge sharing and networking mechanisms.

Enhance civil society engagement in global process of SDGs, BRICS Civil and national GOI initiatives, NGO regulations and Section 135.

Provide regular advice and guidance to internal stakeholders, members and industry groups and governments on the significance of effective methods of NGO engagement for CSR and sustainability programs. 

To represent the organizations at strategic outreach and external stakeholder programs.

To perform other related tasks assigned by line manager and senior management

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MSW

Understanding of multi-stakeholder initiatives.

Proficiency in MS Office, Excel.

Creative & analytical skills.

Communications and relationship building skills.

Personal drive to exceed targets.

Demonstrate a positive attitude with ability to motivate self and team.

Team worker.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Charities Aid Foundation India
  • About Organization:

    CAF India, in its mission pursuit, is extensively involved in building and implementing essential & effective strategies for collaboration amongst diverse stakeholders. The civil society sector is one of our key stakeholders. The position will anchor our actions towards making our partnerships with NGOs and engagement with the civil society sector more effective through better quality, depth and diversification. The objective of the role is also to accelerate the dynamic landscape of CAF India civil society network; broaden and deepen civil society engagement at local, national and global fronts. The aim is to support diverse typologies of civil societies in the region to advance CAF India efforts in improvising local governance, transparency, strengthen grass roots institutions and empower communities.