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Job Description


We are seeking a self-driven Communications Coordinator for the Initiative for What Works to Advance Women and Girls in the Economy (“IWWAGE”) at IFMR LEAD. The objective of this Initiative is to create a hub to promote, synthesize and generate evidence on “what works” for women’s economic empowerment. Despite making significant contributions to economies through various activities, women form a majority among economically disadvantaged group. Women remain disproportionally affected by poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Evidence suggests that investing in women’s economic empowerment has important linkages with gender, equality, poverty eradication and inclusive growth. Several efforts have been devoted to studying the issue of women economic empowerment, however, evidence remains fragmented and work done in silos.

Position Summary

The communications coordinator will be reporting to the Policy and Advocacy Lead and will be responsible for the strategic planning, and preparation of all communication products, with regard to IWWAGE. Based on the data / evidence generated by the research team, she/he will develop outputs such as case studies, reports, white papers, concept notes, and summaries to liaise, not only with policy stakeholders, but all relevant stakeholders concerned with women’s economic empowerment including think tanks, the private sector, NGOs, beneficiaries, and industry experts. The candidate will also maintain the official IWWAGE website, ensuring that it is regularly updated and pleasing to the public eye. The existing social media accounts of IWWAGE (on Twitter, Facebook) and the IWWAGE blog will also be maintained by the Communications Coordinator, with content which engages the audience with creative and thought-provoking posts and articles. The coordinator will also explore other relevant digital media presence for the program. The candidate will be the main point of contact for developing communication outputs, designing and copywriting of reports and ensure that all outputs published as a part of the initiative are high quality in terms of content and design and are uniformly branded.


•  Responsible for designing and implementing the communication strategy across all interventions within IWWAGE;
•  Coordinate with the policy and research teams to design outreach material which conveys results accurately to relevant stakeholders.
•  Develop reports, case studies, success stories, field stories, videos, photos and other media content which can be put out on the public forum to spread awareness of IWWAGE’s work.
•  Maintain social media image of IWWAGE by regularly updating Twitter, Facebook and blog accounts of IWWAGE with meaningful content, and engaging with relevant stakeholders on these platforms.
•  Explore additional relevant social media presence for IWWAGE.
•  Keep tabs on work of the research team to understand frequency of updates to be posted on social media to communicate IWWAGE’s work to the public.
•  Work closely with Knowledge Manager on maintaining the resource hub at IWWAGE.
•  Maintain and update the IWWAGE website regularly to ensure that IWWAGE’s work is posted regularly for public view.
•  Design or coordinate communication material in IWWAGE material as per branding guidelines.
•  Explore existing platforms, or create platforms, to communicate findings from the program through events (conferences/seminars/workshops, roundtables) best suited to the stakeholders participating.
•  Organise and lead outreach events including logistical

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - Post Graduate-Other

• At least a basic understanding of the policy landscape of the country, and gender equality / women’s economic empowerment issues;
• Experience of developing communication outputs based on research data and evidence;
• Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, able to express complex technical issues in plain language; as well as translate jargon into plain language;
• Experience working on outputs such as case studies, newsletters, reports, flyers, and other communication outputs;
• Experience on editing, and a basic knowledge of layouts and copyediting.
• Familiarity with social media platforms, and intricacies of audience expectations to tailor posts, and influencer audience management;
• Ease and familiarity with the use of online marketing tools;
• Demonstrated ability to build relationships,

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:IFMR LEAD
  • About Organization:

    IFMR LEAD is an India based non-profit research organisation. Through our rigorous research efforts, we provide practitioners and decision-makers scientific evidence to devise effective solutions for pressing development challenges in South Asia.Our work addresses vital socio-economic objectives to foster the economic growth of individuals, low-income households, and small enterprises. We collaborate with leading academics, development specialists, government agencies, and industry experts for research design, implementation and dissemination, in areas that are integral to accelerate the socio-economic and financial development of poor households.