Women Empowerment



Trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is an organized crime that violates basic human rights. India has emerged as a source, destination and transit for both in-country and cross border trafficking. The problem of trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation is especially challenging due to its myriad complexities and variation. The city of Mumbai and Thane are major locations for such trafficking. Law enforcement authorities and some NGOs do periodically rescue victims (or more appropriately survivors) of the trafficking ‘industry’. In addition to trafficking, women are also subjected to various forms of exploitation, the most common being violence and sexual abuse at home or by known people. Many times there are other forms of conflict, leading to a feeling of mental torture and trauma. These women are often deserted or abandoned, or leave home on their own, and become extremely vulnerable to trafficking.

Causes Working On

Kshmata reintegrates women in vulnerable circumstances back into society- equipping them with skills for life and livelihood; empowering them to live independently; and supporting them to build a new life

Awards & Certifications

  • Phoenix Leading Lady Awards 2019 (Bharathy Tahiliani) https://nrinews24x7.com/honouring-women-of-subMarch-2019

    Phoenix Leading Lady Awards 2019 (Bharathy Tahilia

    Social Change – Women Welfare (Bharathy Tahiliani) The valiant knight for women all over India, she has devoted relentlessly, all her time and resources to tackle women trafficking and help provide aftercare relief and rehabilitation to the victims. Working with International Justice Mission, she has supported the rescue of over 500 women and girls from red light areas. Through Kshamata, the NGO that she founded, she has created a dependable support system for the victimized girls and women. Having trained over 750 women in different vocations and non-conventional skills, the foundation has also been instrumental in forming eight group stay homes in suburban Mumbai and Thane.