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Women Empowerment



empowHER India is an NGO based in Maharashtra, India that envisions an equitable society where women are empowered to realize their full potential and become agents of transformation for themselves and their village communities. We have been working at a grassroots level from the past 27 years, to provide the women with their basic needs and help them with the necessary knowledge and resources to empower them. Our main thrust areas are WaSH (Sanitation and Clean drinking water), education, empowering adolescent girls (earlier - Financial Inclusion Program) and Primary Health Care.

Causes Working On

1. To help rural women access safe and secure sanitation facilities adjacent to their homes. 2. To help rural women get access to clean and safe drinking water. 3. To support the education of young rural girls and boys for an equitable society 4. To support the hospitals and the Primary Health care centers with primary health care equipment & other medical consumables 5. Empowering adolescent girls with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed decisions about their own bodies and lives, will lead to an improvement in their independence, health and social standing

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