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HID Forum is a not for profit social development organisation based out of Bengaluru. Rooted in Karnataka and Telangana states, we partner with the most marginalised and vulnerable communities like Women, Adivasis, Dalits (Manual Scavengers, Devadasi Women), Transpersons, Informal Sector Workers, Semi Nomadic Tribes and other minorities. Our engagements include partnering with civil society organisations like NGOs, CBOs, unions, people’s collectives and informal groups who work with these vulnerable communities.It recognizes particularly the various identities and inter-sectionalities that play out in the construction of identity, dignity and diversity that have direct impact on their lives. HID Forum approaches marginalised communities through strengthening their leadership for equitable and just society.HIDF contends that the role of an enabler / facilitator of development requires multi-level skills range from clarity in social perspectives to accompanying and holding planned change

Causes Working On

1) Community Strengthening- creating spaces for marginalised communities to identify and solve their own problems 2) Partnership Development – grassroots local organisations strengthen their vision, mission, systems, statutory compliance and programmes. 3) Competency Building – programmes on leadership, programme delivery, facilitation skills, cadre building, women’s leadership and building development perspectives. 4) Research and Knowledge Building – a thematic where HID Forum shares knowledge in the form of articles and papers related to its work, based on its experience in the field

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