National Integrity and Educational Development Organisation (NIEDO)


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NIEDO is a Public Charitable Trust, primarily into provision of value-based education for the disadvantaged children of society. Mentoring the under privileged children, aiding their growth story, apart from primary career chosen, coaching them, soft skill training, critical life competencies, leadership capabilities, personal brushing up, wellness programmes & modules and end to end grooming till they become a productive human resource for the nation. Basically, empowering the ill-fated with quality education, liberating them from the shackles of adversity and integrating them with the vibrant democracy and safeguarding it. Essentially designed to provide Compensatory Education to make up for deficiencies and disadvantages for the children coming from lower socio-economic strata and other disadvantaged backgrounds and ideally make them Dignifiedly Employable at the earliest in order to bring Sunshine in their and their families lives when the skies are grey besides laying focus on Ha

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