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The Calcutta Foundation, an organization with a 29-year legacy, is devoted to working closely with rural women, forming a united family across Bengal. Our foundation actively involves community representatives at various levels, shaping our operations based on the needs of the people we serve. Founded by Shamlu Dudeja, CF is driven by a vision of compassion and making a difference. Compassion is a core value shared by every team member, and we have tirelessly served low-income rural and urban communities in Bengal, actively listening to their needs and concerns. Saumya and Mahima, the granddaughters of our founder, have returned from their overseas studies to lead the foundation. Their upbringing in the villages, playing in the homes of our team leaders, has instilled in them a legacy of change, compassion, and feminism. With an academic and global perspective on social transformation, they guide the foundation in fostering enduring and sustainable change within these communities.

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