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Two 4 year-old children are about to start their pre-school. Maya, a curious 4 year old in Alkapuri (Vadodara) will, fortunately, be able to attend a good school where competent teachers are motivated and adequate learning resources are available. Mayank, a boy of the same age who lives with his grandmother in a remote part of the Vadodara district in Gujarat, India will unfortunately not get the chance to go to a school that can promise an adequate standard of education. Over the course of primary school, Maya will benefit from effective teaching practices. Her teachers will give examples to illustrate concepts, provide guided practice, and give her friendly and personalized feedback. She will have a wide array of books to choose from, feeding her creative mind and providing contextual knowledge to everything she learns. By the end of second grade, she will be reading and comprehending full sentences quickly and progressing to longer texts.

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