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Program Implementation


Job Description

About Neev Shikshan Sanstha:

Concepts learnt at school remain so deeply ingrained in our brains that we can seldom think beyond the usual or obvious. The education system does not encourage the development of inquisitiveness in students. Teachers, who are supposed to be a wondrous source of knowledge - deliver standardised and outdated content. This is an extremely alarming issue which we at Neev Shikshan Sanstha are aiming to resolve, one child at a time. We’ve designed a module which delivers fun-based experiential learning in the native language of the child. At its core, the module has a “child first” philosophy, supplemented by training the teachers using an innovative methodology.

Key Responsibilities:

? Provide effective and inspiring leadership by active involvement in all program and services

? Developing key insights about our program by broadening and deepening knowledge of all the processes, which also includes developing resource material

? Measurable supervision and monitoring of the teachers and children associated with Neev for effective implementation of the program

? Lead, coach, enable, and retain Neev’s high-performance Teachers with an emphasis on developing capacity

? Provide programmatic input for strategic planning and implementation of processes with the core team

? Documentation of the Neev processes as required

? Build rapport and credibility with all the Neev stakeholders

? Designing, Printing and Distributing Worksheets for children

? Translation of important documents as and when required

? Teacher support for virtual content creation

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat

Remuneration: ?10,000 to ?15,000 p/m 

Deadline: 15th November, 2021

To Apply: Interested candidates should reach out to with the following: ? Cover Letter ? Resume ? What has been the most transformative experience of your life? (200 words) ? How do you propose to improve curiosity of children? (150 words)


Desired Candidate Profile

Graduation - Graduate-Other

We are looking for candidate with the following profile type:

  1. Have the ability to work independently as and when required.
  2. Has the basic decision making ability and skills.
  3. Brings lot of perspective in the organization and work place on regular basis.
  4. Can manage the work with emotional agility.
  5. Shows commitment towards the work and the organization.
  6. Brings lot of humor along with the work.

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Neev Shikshan Sanstha
  • About Organization:At Neev Education Foundation, we have designed an in-service fellowship program for teachers which aims to improve foundational learning in the native language of the child. At its core, the module has a “child first” philosophy, which is brought into practice by training teachers in innovative teaching methods. In schools where we make foundational learning interventions, the conversation ratio between teachers and students is almost 50:50. As the saying goes, up to grade 4, you learn to read, and after that, you read to learn. We aim to empower our students to read and learn independently through their Elementary school years and later on as well.