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Rights and Entitlement/Governance

Job Description

Major areas of research:

1. Quantitative and Qualitative research

2. Analyses of policy and politics of progress and reforms in India

3. Democratic process and study of the citizen of India

4. Legal research

Qualifications Required:

- Excellent oral and writing skills in English and having experience in Research Report Writing

- Ability to lead teams

- Good with legal understanding

- Knowledge of different research methodologies

- Good with planning, implementation, execution of plans

- Have good knowledge on RTI process and experience with working government departments

- Must be good with social media platforms

- Must be able to efficiently lead teams and work in team environment

- Person who Ability to multi-task, manage independent projects, meet deadlines

Salary: Rs. 25,000-30,000/- per month

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Apply by: 22 Jan 2022

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Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Institute Of Perception Studies
  • About Organization: The Institute of Perception Studies (IPS) unifies the various aspects of the social, political and cultural, to reveal the underlying disparities that societies across the world have accepted as ‘normal’. Citizens are the inadvertent practitioners of perceptions created by the normative and experiential devices of perception-making of politics and policy, evidenced in the sociological and economic distress. However, distress in the contemporary world is under-explained and less understood because of its normalisation through a shared perception of its inevitability and, therefore, invisibility. The main objective of IPS research has been to unravel ‘new distress’ through a redefinition that makes the concept as well as the solutions more inclusive.