Regional Coordinator

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Middle Mgt (Regional/ Zonal Manager, AVP, State /Regional Head)

Program Development & Management

Rural and Urban Development

Job Description

A.   Coordinate all district level programs and projects at the regional level

  • Anchoring the  current projects: (definition of Anchoring is separately given)
  • Monitoring all multi district projects of Western/Eastern Vidarbha with the support of District Coordinators & project staff
  • Setting up of new projects at regional level.
  • To develop linkage with other projects on issue specific concerns, designing joint programmes.

·        PME of all district level projects with the respective teams

·        Micro level planning inputs to the project teams of the district

·        Ensure the proper implementation of all multi district projects in the respective district

·        Ensure all necessary data and records, both soft and hard are maintained with regards to all the projects at district level.

·        Ensure all documents are handled properly and maintained.

·        Ensure all the activities are implemented with expected quality and quantity at grass-root level

·        Planned and surprise visits for the field observations to know the programs pulse in the district.

·        Coordinating with all donors and stakeholders

·        Compiling the district level reports for sending to the donor in their prescribed formats quarterly and annually

·        Develop and maintain professional and institutional relationship with all stakeholders such as government offices, colleges, universities etc.

·        Represent district on all external forums and processes at district level related to our strategic intervention areas.

·        Representing the regions on all internal YRA’s processes and forums

·        Giving political leadership to all district level programs

·        Provide timely inputs to the district as a thematic experts

·        Assist, coordinate and plan funders/donors visit in the region and as per the themes

·        Timely updating the pulse of the programme to the Director Program.

·        Ensuring that the agreements are received on time and sent to the donors timely after proper process

·        Organize monthly/quarterly meetings of the region

·        Develop new program strategies for better and effective implementation of the programs

·        Co-ordination of work in specific areas – geographical, special programmes, issues, campaigns

·        To attend state & national level forums and bring back the concept for replication

B.    Developing new program initiatives

·        Develop own and the district understanding on the development issues in the region on regular basis.

·        Develop new concepts of interventions to address different region specific issues with the districts as per the new strategic plan

·        Keep update, alert, informed to oneself about different development interventions in the districts, especially new announcements, programs and projects by government and others

C.   Administrative and accounts management

·        Verify and ensure timely preparation of the QBPs of all region specific district projects wise.

·        Ensure that the special program notes prepared by the district coordinator are from the angle of quality, quantity, time, resource persons, material, budget, participants, expected output etc.

·        Monitoring the proper utilization of the monthly budget vs. Actual.

·        Assisting in updating the accounting systems and timely accounts maintaining as per the demand of the project

·        Timely ensuring the fund requirement from the donors


D.   HRD:

·        Verifying leave record, Bank holiday, Diaries, monthly calendars, monthly plan, checklist etc. at the district level

·        Perform proper performance appraisal process of the district

·        Give the expert presentation in the process of induction and orientation program for the new incumbents

·        Initiating in mentoring, appreciations, individual conferencing, peer support, peer pressure.

·        To be sensitive and responsive to maintaining a positive and nurturing organizational climate.

Definition of Project Anchor: Whenever it is said that a project will be ‘anchored’ by a person, the R&R of the person in case of multi-district projects would be as follows:

i.       Finalization of the Annual Plan of Action as per the project proposal & get the plan approved.

ii.     Orient the team regarding the plan of action.

iii.  Preparation of the District work plan

iv.  Finalization of the QBP (Quarterly Budget Plan)

v.     Reporting to the funding partners – Narrative & Financial reporting


vi.  Representing the organization to the funding partners via correspondence and communication and being the single point of contact.

vii. Quality control

viii.        Recording project details and documentation

ix.   Planning & conducting the central activities of the project.

Educational Qualifications:

·        Should be post graduate/ doctorate in any social science

·        Fluent in English language and other local languages.

·        Mastery over computer programs.

·        Mini

Eligibility Criteria

Not Specified

Desired Candidate Profile


Not Specified

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:Yuva Rural Association
  • About Organization:Yuva Rural Association (YRA) is a registered society functioning from Nagpur. Since 2002, YRA continues to work hard for the development of the rural & tribal poor. The focus is to empower the deprived sections of rural and tribal society through interventions in the areas of livelihoods, gender, natural resource management (Environment) and advocacy to achieve its goals for the betterment of the constituencies. YRA’s current direct interventions are in more than 525 villages from around 18 blocks of 8 districts in Vidarbha region and Parbhani district from Marathwada region of Maharashtra. All these interventions were to address various development issues of the constituency groups- small and marginal farmers, women, youth, tribal and children. YRA also has indirect interventions on various issues at state and national level through our collaborative partners.