Programme Manager (Transformation)



Middle Mgt (Regional/ Zonal Manager, AVP, State /Regional Head)

Program Development & Management

Women Empowerment

Job Description

Job Purpose:

Creating enabling environment wherein the survivors of trafficking, or those who are vulnerable to it, are able to choose and participate in their economic and social integration through a series of interventions leading to their empowerment and sustainable future.

Overall Scope:

The Program Manager will be working towards meeting outcomes for training and job placement, sustainable livelihood and financial independence of women who are part of the Kshamata Transformation Program. The main aim of the program is towards social integration and economic empowerment of women. The Kshamata Transformation Program focusses on 9 dimensions of Reintegration that guide the activities. Coordination and to and ensuring implementation of effective and result oriented activities and long-lasting changes in the lives of beneficiaries.

Details of scope of work:


Planning & Implementation of activities under the Kshamata Transformation Program (includes Kshamata Transformation Center and Group stay units

  • Plan a yearly and monthly calendar for the program/center along with the team
  • Develop and facilitate implementation of weekly and monthly work plan

Individual as well as overall plan for the center.

Share a plan with team and take feedback for improvement

  • Planning and coordinating of day-to-day activities. Facilitate the team to conduct daily activities and oversee the same from time to time

Coordinate with girls and external resource persons

  • Orientation to and relationship building with the new entrants along with the team

New girls have to be oriented on KTC protocols, daily routine, training schedule, etc. under the Kshamata Transformation Program

Each woman should be given a welcome kit on the date of joining the center.

Regular interaction with girls through games, life skills and workshops.

Get the passport sized photographs made for various purposes like identity card, bank account, etc.

  • Ensure smooth and timely implementation of planned activities

All planned activities have to be completed within the given timelines.

  • Facilitate social entitlement and legal documentation of each of the women under the Kshamata Transformation Program
  • Facilitate job readiness and job placements for each woman

Case Management: Case Plan and Review

  • Develop a case plan for each women entering the Program post taking input from team members and other vertical leads

Sit with each woman and create a plan for the first three months.

  • Monthly review cum assessment of progress of each woman

Review has to be taken on the last day of each month.

  • Develop a mutual action plan and track the progress
  • Exit plan to be prepared as well

Coordination & Facilitation

·      Facilitate Counselling for women at the centre through trained counsellor and therapists

Take regular updates from the counsellor

Follow up with counsellor for further intervention

Incorporate the suggestions of counsellor to achieve counselling goals.

Share the updates with team in a team meeting

·      Facilitate Training or organize the same, in soft skills, life skills, etc.

·      Training coordination in vocational skills and job readiness

Coordinate with trainers, field coordinator and the home staff

·      Liaise with the referring agencies to complete formalities for the transfer of the women to KTC

·      Ensure that all relevant documents pertaining to the girl are received from the referring agencies.

·      Facilitate the visits of supporters, volunteers & interns at the centre

·      Organize a get together of graduated women once in every three months.

·      Track the progress of group stay home women and provide a mentoring support if needed.

Case Assessment

·      Identification of women who can be placed at KTC under the Kshamata Transformation Program

·      Need & Skill Assessment of women along with the team


Documentation & Report writing

·      Document progress notes and Report writing.

·      Extensive documentation of meetings with stakeholders and intervention activities/projects.

  • Monthly reporting to Program Head
  • Tracking of KTC graduated women & follow up
  • Provide monthly update on target versus achievement
  • Life skills report

Monitoring & Evaluation:

  • Monitor and evaluate training program’s effectiveness & success periodically and report on them

·      Facilitate visits of team members and self to group stay home/workplace/training institute of women on a regular basis.

·      Undertake regular monitoring of programme activities

Desired Candidate Profile

Post Graduation - MSW

  • Female Candidates only
  • Work experience of at least 3-4 years in a not-for-profit (preferably worked with women)

Organization Details

  • Organization Name:KSHAMATA
  • About Organization:Kshamata (based in Thane) works with women who are vulnerable and victims of gender based violence including human trafficking with the aim of breaking the cycle of exploitation by equipping them with vocational skills and handholding them into livelihoods; empowering them with life skills and supporting them to transition into living self-reliant lives with a clear sense of dignity, identity and self-worth. Website: Instagram: Facebook: